5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Stray Kids Lead Singer Lee Felix Capital

Lee Felix He is a well-known rapper and dancer of Korean descent. Although the young man was born in Sydney (Australia), he adapted to all the characteristics of the Asian region. He debuted in 2017 at the age of 17 and is part of South Korean group K-POP. stray kidsWhich was created by JYP Entertainment via Reality performance stray kids,

On his 22nd birthday, we brought you some interesting facts related to his life.

1.- Lyricist

Lee Felix confessed that if he had not become famous with the group stray kids, will be associated with the music. As a good rapper, he has a knack for making songs, so he’ll no doubt devote himself to writing songs, as he revealed.

2.- his passion

The young man of Australian origin is passionate about taekwondo and beatbox. He is also good at swimming and has an interest in fashion music. The kind of films he likes the least are horror films.

3.- He doesn’t like his name

her name is lee FelixBut in an interview, he revealed that he didn’t like his name and changed it to Lee Yong Bok, as some people around him call him.

4.- He is hardly one of the stray children

Felix and Minho weren’t supposed to be part stray kids, as it was removed from the series. However, he got a second chance which allowed him to gain immense popularity among the masses.

5.- His blood group is AB. East

This blood group is less common in the world’s population. In Asia, blood type is believed to reveal personality traits, so Felix from Stray Kids It will have a mysterious vibe. In addition, he is a very intelligent, individualistic and committed person in his activities.

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