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Muni long has been on the music scene for a minute – but you might not recognize the name. That’s about to change when the singer-songwriter takes the stage at the highly anticipated BET Awards show on Sunday, June 26. Muni – who’s been behind some of your favorite artists’ biggest hits – will be joined by artists like Chance the Rapper, Lizzo, Lil Wayne and more for the annual celebration of Black excellence in music, film/TV and sports, to be hosted by the one and only Taraji P.Henson. Keep reading to learn all about Muni Long (pronounced “money long”) below.

Muni long
Muni Long is scheduled to perform at the BET Awards on June 26, 2022. (Shutterstock)

1. Muni Long is from Florida

Muni was born Priscilla Renee Hairstone in Vero Beach, Florida in 1988. As a teenager, she began recording her singing sessions and posting the videos on YouTube. by Justin Timberlake “Cry Me a River”, according to MTV. After her YouTube channel reached 30,000 subscribers, she was able to compete on the channel Say what? Karaoke To display.

2. She recorded her first album at 21 under a different name.

After signing with Capital Records at the age of 21, Muni released her debut album Jukebox in 2009. Despite a mildly successful run of its critically acclaimed debut single “Dollhouse”, the album failed to chart.

3. Muni wrote songs for Rihanna and Ariana Grande

After her own solo career came to an end, Muni began to hone her songwriting skills for other artists. She finally landed in the recording studio with Rihanna (“California King Bed”, “Watch n’ Learn”), Ariana Grande (“Imagine”, “Fake Smile”), and Mariah Carey (“Infinite”, “A No No”). She also helped write “Worth It” for Fifth Harmony and “Wood” for pit bull.

4. She has a new single with John Legend

Muni long
Muni Long has written songs for some of today’s biggest artists like Rihanna and Ariana Grande. (Shutterstock)

June 17, john legend released their latest single “Honey” featuring Muni Long. The R&B song is the first project the pair have worked on together as recording artists, as they have previously collaborated behind the scenes on several tracks. The song is the second single from Legend’s eighth studio album, following the song “Dope”.

5. Muni tried to use another name before hitting hard

“I was just trying things for a second, and none of it was working,” Muni said. rolling stone to venture into different genres. “I had changed my name to Melrose. In 2018 I released this country record – let me switch genres, let me see if that helps. Although the album was another bombshell, she was ready trying country music again, but she came to her senses, “Somewhere in that process, it just wasn’t clicking.”

Eventually, Muni launched her own label, Supergiant Records. and finally struck gold as a singer with her single “Hrs and Hrs,” a single released in January that reached number two on Apple Music’s daily chart.

Now the world will see even more of what Muni has in store during Sunday’s show!

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