Acclaimed Afghan singer joins Hazara protests in Washington DC

The famous Afghan singer Farhad Darya took part in the demonstration organized in Washington DC against the “genocide” of the Hazaras and urged the people in a short speech to stop being divided and to unite.

Together with his wife, Farhad Darya, another Afghan artist, took part in the mass demonstration against the systematic abuse of the Hazaras held in the American capital. Darya said the voice of the people has now reached a global level and will not be silenced.

These protests, according to Farhad Darya, who actively engages on social media and comments on the events, “have opened the door for mass protests and it won’t stop.”

Global protests against the Hazara genocide began on Saturday October 8 and continue on Sunday October 9 in more than 100 cities around the world, including Melbourne and cities in Portugal.

The terrorist attack on the Kaaj Education Center in the Hazara district of western Kabul on September 30 sparked these widespread protests, the number of which is unprecedented.

The protesters demand an immediate end to the “genocide” committed against the Hazara minority, citing the Kaaj attack as a blatant example of the atrocities committed against the Hazara community.

The White House has pledged to establish a team of key government agencies to actively monitor the Hazara genocide over the long term.

Farhad Darya previously urged Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rahmon to host Afghan refugees for a bit longer following reports of forced evictions of Afghan refugees pending resettlement in other countries.

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