Are ELLE and Skip Marley dating? Inside the singer’s career and why fans linked her to Bob Marley’s grandson

Since HER’s return to the music scene, the artist has been making waves. Known for her deep and moving voice, it’s not hard to see why her career is soaring.

Over the past few years she has been propelled into the limelight, from winning the GRAMMY Awards in 2019 to the same show later in 2020, the artist is now set to step onto the Oscars stage and she is expected to step up to the plate. produce at the same time.

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His career and his rise to glory

She was born Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson on June 27, 1997 in Vallejo, California. Her mother is Filipino, while her father is African American. She first launched her career under her own name, seeing that she signed with a record label at the age of 14. It is believed that at the time, she was signed by RCA Records and My Brothers Keeper, or MBK Entertainment. Under her name, she released her debut album, “Something to Prove”.

She then disappeared from the scene, to emerge two years later in 2016, after having completely reinvented herself. It was around this time that she released her first EP, “HER Vol 1”, produced by songwriter David “Swagg R’Celious” Harris. The R&B singer, known for her sultry tone and mysterious persona, started to make a name for herself after her debut EP which featured the flagship song “Focus” in late 2016. Rihanna posted an Instagram video with the famous track “Focus” by Wilson. play in the background – the video has been viewed over 5 million times. HER’s career exploded, and she was able to collaborate with Daniel Caesar on the hit song “Best Part”, perform at the 2018 BET Awards and land a spot as the opening act for Chris Brown’s Heartbreak on a full tour. moon. .

Wilson received support from artists like Usher, Tyrese, Pushpa T, Wycliffe Jean, Bryson Tiller and Alicia Keys, who is also known to have inspired the artist when she was younger. These musicians helped spread the word through co-signatures, screams, and new Twitter posts, helping Wilson’s music rise to fame. The artist also explained the reason for his new character for NPR. “I feel like this is the era of the anti-star,” she explained. “I really wanted it to be about the music, and get away from ‘who is she with?’ and ‘What is she wearing?’ “she added.

Is SHE dating Skip Marley?

While the artist is enjoying her privacy, there have been rumors about who she might be involved with and all clues point strongly to one individual – Skip Marley. The Jamaican singer-songwriter was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Miami, Florida. His parents are Cedella Marley and David Minto and if you haven’t guessed it already, he’s actually Bob Marley’s grandson.

As reported by Heavy, the two are said to have started dating, after collaborating on a song called “Slow Down”. The video showed the couple getting intimate in what can best be described as a rather sultry song. In August 2020, fans also noticed that her Instagram posts were geotagged in Jamaica, leading many to believe that she might be spending time with Marley. However, neither of them confirmed the same. Marley, however, praised Wilson when asked about the artist by Buzz Caribbean.

“It was a natural connection… when we first met, it was just kind of a natural vibe between us, it’s like we got along a bit,” he explained.

“I had the trail and I thought it wasn’t complete and one man suggested to me, ‘why can’t you see who else you can put on the trail? And I thought about it for a while and he said, ‘What about SHE?’ and I was like, ‘SHE would still be funny’, “he added. He was also very laudatory, calling her” cool “and” beautiful “.

Skip Marley and ELLE (Getty Images)

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