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Beyoncé and the House of Childhood – TMZ

*Beyoncethe name carries a lot of weight. No question.

So much so that a real estate agent tries to use the name of the former Destiny’s Child singer to sell a lot in Houston. The vacant property in question is located on Rosedale Street, just off one of the Beyoncé’s childhood homes, according to TMZ.

As for cost, the lot was listed at $ 315,000 earlier this year, but was taken off the market in November. Those interested in purchasing property are always welcome to call a number and ask questions about it.

A house previously stood on the land but burned down in a fire four years ago, reports TMZ, noting that realtors are further arguing that Beyoncé lived next door to the property, although this dates back several years. Not one to pass up the opportunity, a huge sign on the lot, about a tenth of an acre, says “Build On Beyoncé’s Old Block”.

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Beyoncé's Childhood Home - TMZ
Realtor sign says house is Beyoncé’s childhood home – TMZ

The house the Knowles family lived in was bought across the street by the family for $ 64,000 in 1981. They then moved before Solange Knowles was born in 1986.

Kevin Wright, the real estate investor who is selling the property, told TMZ that although he is asking for an offer close to $ 315,000, the price is negotiable.

The lot previously had a house, but the house burned down in a fire 4 years ago.

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