Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj’s private video leaked on social media

In another case of cyberbullying against women on social media, a private video of a Bhojpuri singer, Shilpi Raj, was leaked and widely shared. The same video is shared on different platforms violating the privacy of the singer.

In the said video, Raj is seen getting intimate with a man named Vijay Chauhan. Apparently, the singer and Chauhan were in a relationship. The same has not been confirmed by the singer herself. The singer’s name started trending on social media after the video went viral. So far, Raj has not released a statement about it.

Shilpi Raj is famous for her Bhojpuri songs and several credits in her name. She also appeared in many Bhojpuri films which made her fame even more popular. Her real name is Shilpi Rajbhar, she lives in Patna, the capital of Bihar. According to reports, she has three sisters and one brother. In an old interview, Raj revealed his relationship with his former manager Vivek Patel. The singer-actor accused Patel of assaulting her. The source of the leak is still unknown.

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In a similar incident in 2021, another Bhojpuri actor, Trisha Kar Madhu, was targeted on the internet for a leaked video of her. The actor condemned the act and urged people to respect his privacy. Speaking about this unfortunate event, Madhu said she was distressed and in disbelief and some people would leak private video of her on the internet. She also said, “If your sister gets married and the next day someone leaks her video from the first night, that will be good, right?”

Posting a woman’s private moments on social media is shameful enough. Which makes the situation even more problematic when social media users share such videos and publicly rape a woman. Cyberbullying laws are in place and one would expect that as time goes by, individuals will be much more respectful towards women and their vulnerabilities. And yet, such incidents follow one another.

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