Compassionate singer Daughters Father released another brilliant song “My Daughter”

With well-arranged verses, Father Daughters posted a video which shows his love for his daughter in the form of a captivating music video ‘My daughter’.

Seasoned hip-hop artist Father Daughters has composed numerous investment songs, including his new number My daughter. He is a musician with a wide range of musical skills. And in this rhythmic new rhyme, he infuses one of the major feelings of being a father. To have a daughter, to see her come into the world, and to hold her for the first time. He shares the days of his stage of growth where he sees her growing gradually with grace. And let her go to study and watch her grow into a mature, sophisticated, independent woman. The whole journey of having a daughter is described in his verses. He is quite a writer and he undeniably entertains his audience with even deeper and more heartfelt lines.

The path Father Daughters compels his listeners to his musical art is just magical. The spells he writes are captivating. And the music he composes has a retro flavor. His music evokes nostalgia, fathers who have daughters will instantly identify with his music. And anyone who has followed his music will also know that the way he represents his love and care is honest and uplifting. Its musical graphics will also be more engaging songs in the future. Apart from ‘My daughter’ some of his skillful songs are “No guns”, “You are more than enough”, “Another way out”, “I can’t be with you”, “Hold your head up”, “The games we play” and there are many more in this list.

Watch it now:

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