Congolese singer wants more duets with Spirit Praise Choir

Spiritual Praise Choir

The INTERDENOMINATIONAL gospel music group Spirit Praise Choir seem to have charmed Congolese rhumba singer Dispatch who promised new collaborations with him after the successful launch of their first duet Elonga (Victory).

The song, featuring vocals in both Shona and Lingala, and accompanying video were released at a local hotel in the capital last Friday night.

Talk to NewsDay Life & Style on the sidelines of the launch, Dispatch confirmed that other collaborations with the choir were in the works.

“After working with Spirit Praise Choir for four months and successfully composing Elonga (Victory) together, I feel like I belong in the choir,” he said, adding that the collaboration with the choir was by the grace of God.

“I can’t believe that was me holding a pen and writing a song in another language. It was God’s blessing. With the Spirit Praise team, I feel like that’s the place where I deserve to be.

Born Haryan Kunura, Dispatch added: “In life you can walk and do whatever you want but if God has prepared a place for you there will come a time when you will settle in that place and I am sure mine is with the Spirit Praise Choir. ”

“I plan to have more collaborations with Spirit Praise Choir in the next two months and the songs will also be in Shona and Lingala.”

Spirit Praise Choir, director and cleric, Learnmore Tawengwa is optimistic the song will become a hit considering the languages ​​used and the rumba fusion.

“I was thrilled to be able to host our first project of the year,” he said.

“Since many people go through hardships, one of the antidotes to these challenges is to give your life to God. I believe that once people listen to the song, their lives will change.

Tawengwa said that Spirit Praise Choir is an interfaith and international choir that composing a song fused with rumba would help win more souls to God since rumba is one of the most played genres and music is one of best ways to capture

“We packed the song with a rumba beat so that when people listen to the beat, they also hear the word of God,” he said.

The group hopes to release a project in October titled One in six votes and a live DVD as part of their annual event called One Voice Concert.

Tawengwa said that for musicians to become better and grow in music, they need to approach music with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“I think music was only seen as entertainment, but never seen as a business. I believe that’s why we haven’t seen our artists grow like in other countries,” he said. -he declares.

Spirit Praise Choir was formed in 2013 and has around 40 members with its discography consisting of two albums.

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