Demi Lovato: A popular American singer gives her fans a glimpse of her modern California farmhouse

  • Famous American singer and actress Demi Lovato has, for the first time, taken her fans on a virtual tour of her modern California farmhouse
  • The virtual tour was shared on YouTube by Architectural Digest and showed the celebrity explaining the details behind the various architectures and decorations
  • Her fans and decoration enthusiasts took to the comments to share their opinions on their love for the house

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A unique characteristic of celebrities is that they don’t mess with their personal space. Instead, they specify their mansions to “speak their language”. Such is the case with Demi Lovato’s California Farmhouse, littered with exquisite designs and unique architecture.

Demi Lovato takes her fans on a virtual tour of her home. Photo credit: Architectural Digest
Source: UGC

Demi Lovato took his fans on a virtual tour of the residence, showing them the different pieces and talking about the patterns found in each piece. She even has a play area designed for her two dogs that she calls her “puppy zone.”

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Playground for his dogs
Playground for his dogs. Photo credit: Architectural Digest
Source: UGC

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Watch the video below.

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The celeb opened up about her “glam bedroom” where she does her makeup. she says:

Having a glamorous bedroom is really important to me because I spend so much time doing my hair and makeup for work and stuff. So I wanted this room to be really comfortable and really fun with a lot of energy so that when I get ready to go to work I’m in a really good mood and feel great.

Demi Lovato's bathroom
Demi Lovato’s bathroom. Photo credit: Architectural Digest
Source: UGC

Several netizens took to the comments to share their thoughts on the home and its interior designs. some of the comments below.

Mike Moffet said:

Demi’s house is very unique. It’s not gray and white like most mansions. This one was very colorful. I enjoyed that

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Katie Mayflower added:

I like that she takes risks with her decoration. She said that every room is special and normally I don’t like rooms that don’t connect, but in this case I felt like there was a vibe running through the house. The colors were all different but there was a cohesive feel.

Barbara Willis commented:

Demi’s setting would make a great backdrop for a futuristic themed movie. I love the kitchen and lots of light fixtures throughout the house.

Summer Raine participated:

Each piece is so unexpected and unique. Houses that follow a theme are cool, but it’s so refreshing and nice to see something where you never really know what you’re getting into next. The artwork is spectacular and I love how unique this home is.

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