Domestic violence: Late gospel singer and Osinachi’s husband arrested and detained by police

Peter Nwachukwu, the husband of the late popular gospel singer Osinachi, has been arrested by police for the death of his wife.

The late “Ekwueme” singer’s family had denied reports that she died of cancer, saying she suffered a blood clot after being assaulted by her husband.

However, Peter, the alleged wife-beater, has now been arrested by officers from the Federal Capital Territory Police Command (FCT) for the death of his wife.

FCT Police Command spokeswoman Josephine Adeh, who confirmed the news to The Daily Trust, said: “He is now in our custody. The deceased’s younger brother reported the matter and we opened an investigation.

Osinachi, 42, died on Friday after spending days in an undisclosed hospital in Abuja.

Osinachi’s sister, who is the first daughter in the family and was identified as Mrs Favor Made on Sunday, said Osinachi died of a blood clot in her chest.

She said the late singer suffered from a blood clot after being kicked by her husband, Peter.

“We heard that it was cancer that killed Osinachi. She did not die of cancer. Husband Mr. Peter Nwachukwu hit her with his leg on the chest. , he beat her but my sister is hiding everything she was going through from us,” she said, according to the Daily Post.

She said the family had advised Osinachi to leave the marriage but she prayed that God would change her husband.

“We told her they weren’t divorcing and it was just a separation. But she felt that God was against divorce. We told her that the separation is not a sin but just to keep her alive and take care of her children. She will always tell us to relax and the man will change.

“So when the man kicked her in the chest she fell down and he took her to the hospital but he didn’t even tell us,” she said.

It was her friend who lives in Ebonyi State who called her twin sister because Osinachi had a twin sister, asking her, “Did your sister tell you that Peter hit her on the Chest ?

The sister then told him no.

“It was the blow to the chest that killed her. My brother had to ask the doctor what killed her and the doctor said there were pools of blood on her chest,” he said. she revealed.

Made further stated that the doctor was unaware that Osinachi had been kicked in the chest.

According to her, Peter had bragged that he was going to separate Osinachi from his twin sister.

She alleged that he also prevented the siblings from being close or prevented the deceased singer from visiting her village, Isuochi in Abia State.

Her colleagues, via social media, had also accused her husband of beating her.

In an Instagram Live video, popular singer Frank Edwards alleged that Osinachi’s husband repeatedly assaulted her.

“Once in a studio, this man slapped her just because she wanted to record the song in Igbo against her will. She doesn’t do anything on her own.

“She was saying, please pray to my husband. She was at his mercy. I didn’t know the intensity of what she was going through; I didn’t know how anyone could be jealous of the woman he claimed to love.

“There are a lot of stories where people told her this and that, but what I know is that the control was too much. The other time someone wanted me to bring her over for a event, and I contacted her, but she said “beg my husband”.

“She couldn’t even tell people what she was going through. I only found out because Auntie Joy contacted me to promote her song. That’s when I got a glimpse of what was going on,” Edwards said.

Osinachi, who was one of the lead singers of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, rose to prominence in 2017, with the hit song “Ekwueme”, which featured fellow vocalist Prospa Ochimana.

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