Dublin singer donates cash from Ukraine’s first post-Covid concert

A Dublin singer has donated proceeds from his first post-Covid gig to the crisis in Ukraine.

Onor O’Malley, whose brother was caught early in the war, raised €1,600 from the show at The Sound House on Eden Quay in Dublin.

Every penny will go to the Irish Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal to support the countless lives torn apart by war.

“The war started in February and my brother was working there as a journalist and had to evacuate suddenly,” Conor said.

“I was getting regular updates on the situation and the reality of what was happening. It brought a stark reality to the situation.

The guitarist and pianist felt compelled to use his creativity to make a difference.

“It was our first gig since Covid and we wanted to help out – even if just in a small way by playing music for people at a party.

“Like many people, you feel real anxiety and a sense of helplessness watching the reports of the massacres and heartbreaks.

“What are you doing? You’re trying to channel your energy. What’s the point if you can’t give it back to the world?

“We decided to organize this night to support the humanitarian relief work carried out by the Red Cross,” he added. “You see the work these agencies are doing and you can’t help but be inspired.”

The Dubliner praises the wider Irish response to the crisis.

“I think there’s been incredible generosity from people, you see that with the millions raised through donations.

“It is important to continue to focus on welcoming people from these war-torn regions,” he added.

Support for the night was provided by up-and-coming Dublin duo Atlas Moon.

“It was a privilege to be part of a wonderful evening of music and to raise much needed funds for a great cause,” said singer Graham Mooney.

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