Fans jokingly accuse Taylor Swift of ruining their marriages after the singer announced his tour dates

Fans are making jokes about Taylor Swift ruining weddings after the singer announced her tour dates for next year.

On TikTok, several people commented on how the 32-year-old singer’s “Eras Tour” could affect fans’ upcoming nuptials. These videos come after Swift announced the dates for her US stadium tour, which will kick off in March 2023 and end in August. .

In a video posted this week, TikTok user @emdoodlesandstuff expressed how disappointed some brides-to-be might be if their wedding dates land on the same day as one of Swift’s concerts.

“I’m so sorry for all the millennial women who just found out their wedding date is one of them,” she said, while pointing to Swift’s list of upcoming tour dates. “It has to happen, doesn’t it. You’ve been planning this wedding for two years and now she’s coming to your town on your wedding day.

She jokingly explained why conflicting wedding and concert dates could be an issue, adding, “Your millennial friends and bridesmaids, now torn between the events they went to. Maybe even you, you -same.

In the comments to @emdoodlesandstuff’s video, which has over 498,000 views, TikTok users mocked the significance of Swift’s tour.

“Weddings can be postponed. Stadium visits are non-negotiable,” one wrote, while another said: “The possibility of a taylor tour in 2023 was like 10% of the reason I chose a wedding date in 2024.”

A third said: ‘I would absolutely leave my own marriage early. ‘Sorry guys – gotta bounce back! Thanks for coming!'”

On TikTok, Jessica, @jingersoll06, also shared a video to explain that her wedding is on the same day that Swift will perform in her hometown in July.

“Taylor Swift is finally going on tour,” Jessica said with tears in her eyes. “But I live in Seattle, and it’s my wedding day. Come on. What are the odds of that?”

Jessica joked about how she would handle the situation in the caption, writing, “So am I canceling my wedding or..??”

In a follow-up video, she noted that she would still be attending one of the “All Too Well” singer’s concerts, just on a different day and city. However, she also shared how her marriage impacted her friends’ plans to see Swift perform.

“The problem is, a ton of my friends are also Swifties, so now I’m empowering them to travel for another show as well,” Jessica said. “I know I have good friends, they will come to my wedding. But the situation is rotten. What are the chances that Taylor will be in my city on my wedding day?”

Several fans also took to Twitter to joke about upcoming weddings they will be attending next year and how they would react if their own marriage clashed with one of Swift’s gigs.

“I can’t believe people who have been planning their wedding for months are now debating moving the date because there’s a Taylor Swift concert that day…what’s the debate?? no wedding could be so important,” one wrote.

“The 10 weddings I have next year…you CAN get married again,” another joked. “I can’t see the Taylor Swift Eras Tour again.”

The “Anti-Hero” singer announced her 2023 “Eras Tour,” which is her first tour in five years, on Instagram on Tuesday. Advance ticket sales for Capital One cardholders will begin Nov. 15, followed by public-sale tickets available Nov. 18.

“Excited to announce my next tour: Taylor Swift ‘The Eras Tour’, a journey through the musical eras of my career (past and present!),” she wrote. “I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces there. It’s been a long time coming.

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