Fingal’s adventurer inspires Lusk singer-songwriter’s song

A singer-songwriter from Lusk just released his debut album, “Awakened,” featuring a song inspired by Fingal’s most famous adventurer, Dermot Higgins.

ermot, a retired teacher from Educate Together in Lusk who struggled with depression for many years, broke into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2018 for becoming the oldest person to circumnavigate the world in bike.

Since then, Dermot has gone on to embark on many other endurance feats, but it was his overall cycle that inspired Gavin Fox’s “I’m Not Alone,” who also suffered from mental health issues.

Gavin, who describes his music as a cross between folk and Americana, explains where the inspiration for the song came from: “The Fingal Independent covered the Dermot story a few times, but how did it past is that I was following his story before I started writing songs. .

“I actually only started writing songs in the last two years, it was during the last pandemic and I had literally only picked up a guitar a few years before.

“Like a lot of people, I was going through life not really devoting enough time to myself and working hard and not really being in tune with who I was. So I myself went through a difficult period, linked to sanity, and when I crossed over, I swore to make a difference.

One of the things Gavin wanted to do was play music, so he picked up a guitar and a few years later, in the Covid-19 pandemic, he started writing his first songs.

Gavin says: “I was following Dermot’s story and he was a teacher in my son’s school. I remember when he left at the age of 55 to take early retirement and go on this crazy journey of solo biking around the world and pitching a tent wherever he stopped. I just thought that was crazy and I followed his story and just thought that was absolutely fascinating.

Gavin says what he found interesting about Dermot’s epic cycle was that through the regular blogs Dermot posted about his journey, he described the feeling of being on a spiritual journey, something that resonated deeply with him.

“A lot of the songs on the album are really all short stories, a number of them are personal stories to me, but some of them are stories that were inspired by others and history. by Dermot was just a really good story and the one I felt was definitely worth telling.

Gavin played the song at Dermot a few weeks ago, before the album was released, and to his delight, he immediately loved it.

“The thing he came back to me with was firstly that he loved the song, but secondly he felt that I captured the spirit of the journey and what happened to him in 2018.

“Dermot was blown away by the kind of feel the song had and how it captured the journey he was on, so it really meant a lot to me.”

Gavin Fox’s “Awakened” is available now.

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