Freeman’s Toyota Fortuner in an accident; singer claims ‘anti-progress spirits are fighting it’

By Staff Reporter

ZIMDANCEHALL singing Freeman counts the loss after his Toyota Fortuner crashed into a tree in Masvingo on Friday night after the vehicle was stolen by his cousin’s friend.

The HKD boss, as he is popularly known, was in Masvingo for a show and nearly missed his show in Harare on Saturday as he had to find alternative transport for his crew back in the capital.

Freeman, however, says he’s thankful no one died in the crash.

Narrating what happened, the musician said that after his performance on Friday he immediately went to bed as he had another show on Saturday.

His cousin had come with his friend from Beitbridge to watch the show and he let them play Fifa in his hotel room while he went to sleep as he was tired.

Freeman woke up around 5 a.m. Saturday to find his car missing.

Dancehall artist Freeman

His cousin then informed him that he had left his friend Owen in the car before going to bed.

They tried calling Owen’s phone and there was no answer. He finally picked up and told them where he was, also alerting them that he was in danger.

They then found him near the military base, out of town in the dusty roads. The car was damaged and he was injured but not in serious condition.

In a statement he posted on his Facebook page, the HKD boss suggested anti-progress spirits haunt him.

“Sometimes ndofeeler sendomiswa nemweya yemadzinza (Sometimes I feel like evil spirits are chasing me) but God is for all of us. We plan but God decides. We thank God that no lives were lost,” he said.

He added: “This kind of situation I found myself in is not the end of the road. Mine just went viral because I am a known citizen, otherwise kune tsaona dzakawanda dzirikuitika kunze uko only that hatingazvizive tese because that vanhu vacho are not public figures asi hapana akakosha kudarika umwe ini, newe, naye we are all the same.

“Kana zvadai pasina afa totenda Mwari just wants to say this to everyone in this same situation, ‘Where there is life, there is hope’!! Zvishandwa zvinotsvagwa zvimwe don’t lose hope God has a reason for you to be who you are!!

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