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Viral videos of Rishi Sunak’s mysterious hasty exit from Egypt’s COP27 spark debate on social media

LONDON: A video of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak leaving the stage and being rushed out of the room by aides during Monday’s panel at COP27 has gone viral on the internet with speculation as to the reasons for the abrupt exit.

A video posted by Leo Hickman, journalist and director at Carbon Brief UK, shows Sunak being approached by his assistants on stage before being escorted out of the room.

“UK Prime Minister @RishiSunak has just been kicked out of the room by his aides in the middle of the Forest Partnership launch at #COP27,” Hickman said in a tweet.

Sunak was on stage for a climate change event when his aides interrupted him, according to Hickman, who posted video of the incident. In quick succession, two of his assistants came and persuaded Sunak to leave the event.

“About 2 minutes before he left, an assistant came on stage and whispered in his ear for over a minute…there was an ongoing discussion about, it seems, whether to leave at Sunak stayed but another aide made the decision to come back to him and urge him to leave,” he added.

People have taken to social media to speculate on possible reasons for the sudden exit, ranging from Sunak having had a bad meal to a national emergency.

One user took to Twitter to poke fun at recent events that have taken the UK government by storm over the past few months, writing: “The UK government risked appearing remotely competent. Normal service has resumed.

Although no official statement from Downing Street has been released to explain the reason for the Prime Minister’s dramatic departure, it is widely believed that he left early to prepare for a keynote address on climate change later in the year. ‘afternoon.

Arab News attempted to obtain an official statement from Number 10, but no comment was received at the time of publication.

In his speech, the British Prime Minister urged countries to adhere to the Glasgow Climate Pact and reiterated the UK’s commitment to donate £11.6 billion ($13.3 billion) to a fund for climate change.

Sunak also said the UK would triple the amount of money set aside for the Adaptation Fund, capital used to finance concrete adaptation projects in developing countries, to £1.5 billion. by 2025.

Sunak, who last week said he would attend COP27, went on to echo French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks in saying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine should not be used as an excuse to return. on climate change pledges.

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