Happy Hour: Free pints thanks to Beautiful South singer Paul Heaton in pubs across Ireland

Free pints courtesy of rocker Paul Heaton were the icing on the cake for a couple of Canadian tourists who were among delighted punters who were treated to a pint of their choice on the home of Dublin’s iconic bar, Kehoe’s.

aylor Dembrowski (24) and Kade Kehoe (25), from Saskatoon, weren’t even born when Heaton, lead singer of The Beautiful South, formed the iconic northern English rock band in 1988.

But that didn’t stop them from toasting her 60th birthday on Monday.

Mr Kehoe, whose surname shares the same name as the Dublin pub, said they had a drink as part of their tour of the capital and were stunned when the pub announced it would be pulling free pints from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. thanks to the singer.

“We were here earlier and had a great time. We were then told we would get free pints at 6pm,” Ms Dembrowski said.

The Dublin pub is one of 60 pubs on both sides of the Irish Sea that the singer has selected for free pints to celebrate his birthday.

He had hoped to visit around 60 pubs across the UK and Ireland to celebrate his birthday, but had to postpone his tour. Instead, he decided to put some cash behind the bar at nine waterholes in Ireland to celebrate.

“I originally planned to do another bike tour, visiting and performing in 60 pubs across Ireland and the UK,” the singer said on social media.

“However, due to recording delays caused by the pandemic, I have had to put those plans aside for the time being. Instead, I have decided that the next best way to celebrate this coming of age adult is to select 60 pubs across Ireland and the UK and put a given amount of money behind each bar.

“Then you and the regulars can enjoy a birthday drink on me (until the money runs out or the bar runs dry!) ​​The hope is to bring people together on the day even, while acknowledging that many people who have bought my records or shown me support over the years could do with a little celebration as we come out of Covid and face potential financial difficulties.

Fans Robbie (57) and Trish Cooke (61). de Cabra, heard of the offer of free pints on Sunday evenings and arrived at the pub early in order to secure a table in the cozy.

While they can’t wait to see him perform at St Anne’s Park in Raheny later this summer, the couple said they were delighted to give a toast to celebrate Heaton’s birthday.

“I’ve never heard of a musician doing anything like that,” Mr Cooke said.

“To do this is totally unheard of,” he said. “It could inspire other musicians, it could be the start of something,” he said.

And while some punters couldn’t believe they were getting free pints – including a man who looked skeptical when given a special pub-printed voucher – others were stunned by the largesse of the singer.

“It’s a really generous gesture and to get people into pubs after they’ve been closed for so long,” said civil servant Aoife McNamara (34), who was celebrating her friend’s 40th birthday.

Kehoe owner Eddie Fitzgerald said the goodwill gesture has seen a steady stream of punters arrive since early afternoon once news of the free pints broke between 6 and 8 p.m. .

But he said anyone who said they were there thanks to Paul Heaton didn’t have to wait for witchcraft time to get their free pints.

“People started arriving at 2 p.m. and it rocked all day,” he said.

It is understood that Heaton allocated around €1,000 to each pub, which for Mr Fitzgerald meant giving away just under 200 free pints.

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