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Looking back, we haven’t celebrated Jessie Singer enough in these pages lately. But we are impressed. The longtime Transportation Alternatives editor and strategist has received rave reviews for her new book, “There are no accidents: the deadly increase in injuries and disasters – who benefits and who pays the price” (Simon & Schuster, February 15, 2022), which goes far beyond the simple world of safe streets to examine why so many people even reflexively use the term “accident” and what it says about our whole society.

It’s a gripping read, which is why we’ve published an excerpt and made singer the subject of Streetsblog USA’s first episode of its new podcast, The Brake.

Of course, everyone is hanging on. In recent days, Singer and his book have been featured in Atlantic, braked, Jalopnik, Bloomberg and, of course, the Car Wars Podcast.

We just want to say we’re proud to know her – and we invite you to buy the book today wherever books are still sold.

Now on to the news:

  • After saying it couldn’t, the MTA revealed yesterday that it would spend $100 million to install platform doors as a test at three subway stations. (NYDN, New York Post, NY Times, gothamist, The city)
  • Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin has named Brooklyn’s 70th Precinct Deputy Inspector to be his running mate (New York Post). We don’t know much about Alison Esposito except that his neighborhood is a den of parking fraud – it’s so bad, in fact, that he made the Sweet 16 in the March (Parking) Madness contest from last year.
  • Sad sight in Brooklyn and sad news for the city: the Grand Prospect Hall has been razed by a promoter. (New York Post)
  • The Postal Service screwed us up again by investing in gas trucks for another generation. (Washington Post)
  • A 65-year-old woman who was run over by a driver in Brooklyn on Monday has died – but there are still no charges. (amNY)
  • Hats off to Brooklynite Andrew Kimball for landing the position of President of the Economic Development Corporation from Mayor Adams. (gothamist)
  • More and more people are advocating ‘good cause eviction’, a measure to make it harder for landlords to evict you. (gothamist)
  • We have a very small fiddle for drivers who complain about high gas prices…which have been driven in part by the sheer size of the US fleet and the outsized way in which we consume oil. (amNY)
  • leave it at the post office completely representing a facility at BAM as a “drive-thru” movie theater when in fact it is not a drive-thru at all. And that’s part of the point.
  • And finally, the Department of Transportation’s installation of Jersey barriers to protect some of the city’s most fragile bike lanes continued yesterday on Clinton Street on the Lower East Side. People were sending us barrier porn from Jersey all day:

And CB3 Transportation Committee Vice Chair Michelle Kuppersmith sent in this gorgeous photo:

Clinton Street towards South Street.  Photo: Michelle Kuppersmith
Clinton Street towards South Street. Photo: Michelle Kuppersmith

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