High Peak singer has the world at her feet ahead of debut album release

She sang in Qatar and China, shot a video in Italy and will travel to Mallorca this summer for filming.

But nothing compares to the natural beauty of the Peak District – a place she is proud to call home.

Heidi Anne said: “It’s so picturesque.

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Heidi Anne posted this photo on social media, asking where it was taken in the Peak District.

“Some of the views you get in the Peak District, you just can’t compare to anywhere else in the world.”

She chose some of the best backdrops in the area for her promotional photos, including Waterfall Swetlet at Eyam and Combs reservoir.

And Heidi Anne put the beauty of the area to good use when she teased social media followers with her latest photo asking where it was taken in the Peak District.

Solving the puzzle, she said: ‘It was on Ollersett Moor, literally a two minute walk from my house.

Heidi Anne Burford is looking forward to the release of her debut album this summer (Photo: Anotherworld Media/Joey Lever)

This photo shows her glamorous in high heels soaking up the sun’s rays, not the shoes she wore to make the steep climb from her home in Birch Vale.

Laughing, she said, “I had a pair of sneakers on the side.”

The avid walker now has her sights set on venturing into other parts of Derbyshire National Park.

Heidi Anne said: ‘I need to get out and explore the Peak District a bit more as there are so many beautiful places.

Wild swimming is another of Heidi Anne’s passions.

She said: “You have to get out of really cold water after about 30 seconds because your body is numb, but that’s a good thing because that’s when you get the most out of it… you realize afterwards that it’s so invigorating.”

Heidi Anne prefers a swimsuit to a wetsuit when diving in the waters of the Peak District.

When asked if she’s going swimming, she replies, “Absolutely not, I don’t want to be arrested!”

She will put on a stunning show in June when she travels to Mallorca for a photoshoot to promote her upcoming single, I Won’t Let You Down.

“I’m also preparing a calendar,” said Heidi Anne.

“It’s going to be slightly sexy but nothing too over the top.

“Like the Peak District, I will be looking for scenic backgrounds.”

The summer promises to be busy for the 34-year-old singer who has just put the finishing touches on her first album which she hopes to release in June.

“The album is called Back In The Day,” she said.

“A lot of my style is kind of old school r ‘n’ b, kind of soulful stuff.”

Heidi Anne pleases her 100,000 social media followers by posting her music and photos.

She said, “I released a lot of singles.

“It’s only been three years that I’ve been concentrating on it properly.

“I had a few years off because I worked in hotels overseas, in the Middle East and Asia.

“I was the lead singer of a five-star hotel in Doha, the capital of Qatar, which is a mini-Dubai in the Middle East and I was living in a villa which was lovely.

“I did China after the one that wasn’t so glamorous; I lived in a small dormitory that looked like a prison cell. I have also been on cruises for a few years.

Named Heidi Anne Burford, she started singing professionally at the age of 21 and started writing her own songs a few years later.

She said, “I released a single with top American rappers.

“A licensing company contacted me and said we really like your voice and we really like your image.

“They put T-Pain and Lil Wayne on one of my songs, When The Sun Goes Down, which was really good and gave me great exposure. T-Pain and Lil Wayne filmed their track in Miami and I did mine in Verona, Italy.

“I was very lucky, but the problem was that the company was trying to control everything.

“They didn’t even let me write my own songs because they wanted as much money as possible for themselves.

“I ended up breaking the deal and focusing on what I wanted to do.

“The days are now for online musicians, independent musicians who have taken their career into their own hands.

“My goal is to be successful, to have a decent following and people who appreciate what I do and support me.”

Heidi Anne does a lot of gigs in the Manchester area where she performs r ‘n’ b and soul covers.

“I don’t do gigs where I play my own music, but sometimes I get a little cheeky and put my songs in the background,” she said.

“I also sing with a 10 piece band called The Groove Hustlers, we’re a Motown and soul band with a horn section.”

Full-time healthcare worker Heidi Anne said: ‘I work long days – 12 hour home care which means I work my hours so I can have three days off a week.

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