HK singer Chantel Yiu and Macanese celebrities rap to push Bank of China HK digital Lai See

Bank of China (Hong Kong) released a video to celebrate the launch of a new I see (red packet) on the BoCPay banking and eWallet app, featuring singer Chantel Yiu and three celebrities from Macanese entertainment company Manner. Yiu has different entertainment styles, and in the video, she performs a rap song with Manner’s Puinam, Sinam, and Roberto Madan, telling the audience how to give the I see via the “Phone Lai See” function of Bank of China (Hong Kong).

“I tried a lot of styles for this shoot and I liked the hip hop style so much. I have the opportunity to sing a rap song and dance in the project. For me, it’s a breakthrough” , Yiu said. The video is also meant to promote the bank’s latest service upgrade, allowing users between the ages of 11 and 17 to use the faster payment system that allows users to make instant payments. I see up to 10 people at a time. Additionally, users can add custom Lai See blessings.

Other campaign touchpoints include a set of WhatsApp stickers and a cash gift. Users can win a cash prize from January 31 to February 16 by distributing a digital “Lai See” through the app. The bank also uploaded the video to its YouTube channel on January 27. At the time of writing, the video has over 3,300 views. The video is most popular on Manner’s Facebook. As of January 28, the video has over 3,100 reactions and around 90,000 views.

To further encourage customers to use the app to give digital I see, Bank of China (Hong Kong) also rolled out a new design of digital red packets. The bank said as electronic payment becomes mainstream, Bank of China (Hong Kong) will allow teenagers aged 11 to 17 to use the faster payment system as part of its strategy. These users can enjoy the convenience of mobile banking and save the “Lai See” to their bank account.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) has strengthened its digital offerings. Last year, it adopted “iAM Smart”, a mobile application launched by the Hong Kong SAR government, for digital identification during mobile account opening, making it one of the first local banks to use “iAM Smart” to facilitate remote account opening via mobile. banking. With the help of “iAM Smart”, customers can choose to automatically fill in the mobile account opening form with personal information stored in “e-ME” of the mobile application, which saves time when manual data entry and facial recognition.

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