How ‘Mellow Vibes Momm’ singer Drake Tigges brought his creativity to life through music

Humans are driven by the desire to create. From how we build our day, our life, to our livelihoods, everything is a process of creating and bringing something new to the world. This novelty can take many forms – science, art and music. For artist Drake Tigges, music is the form that creativity has taken in his life. In this article, he talks about his creative process behind the hit “Mellow Vibes Momm.”

A desire to create remains incomplete when it is not supported by action. And this is where some people turn away from their dreams. The road to their dreams can be filled with nightmares. Think about investment, new ideas, marketing, advertising, promotion and you will immediately understand the difficult process of creation.

For Drake, it was no different. He says, “Creating something is not child’s play. Loving what you do, however, makes it bearable. For me, the process required me to be completely absorbed in what I was trying to do. I had to engage with it on a very deep level. But I had to keep an eye on the work which is routine and where you have to be free to think. As a music producer and musician, I feel lucky to be able to make a difference. And believe me, this will be an important distinction to make.

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