How much is Donny Osmond worth? Singer’s fortune explored as he opens up on near loss of multi-million dollar fortune

Following heavy losses in show business, Donny Osmond suffered from crippling anxiety for most of his life. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, he revealed he was extremely grateful for the support of his wife, Debbie.

The famous entertainer said Debbie has provided stability in her life and keeps her feet on the ground. The pair met when Osmond was a 16-year-old teenage superstar and Debbie was a 15-year-old cheerleader. dony said,

“So many people fall into a trap of despair and depression. I’ve been there, and you can’t get away from it. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Donny Osmond mentioned that his wife gave him good advice while he was performing. When worried about making her show a perfect hit, Debbie said:

“Why don’t you go over there tonight and put on an average show?”

He said it ended up being the best show he ever did because he allowed himself to make mistakes. the Mulane star also mentioned that he sought professional help to deal with his depression.

Donny Osmond’s net worth and financial troubles

Donny Osmond is a popular singer, dancer, actor and television host. He gained recognition after performing with his older brothers under the name Osmonds and began a solo career in the early 1970s.

According to CelebrityNetWorth, the 64-year-old’s net worth is estimated to be around $18 million. Even though detailed information about his assets is not available, he has earned a lot from his career in the entertainment industry.

Donny became a household name after the success of the variety show, Donny and Mary. The duo have released several top ten hits and gold albums.

Osmond has been on two reality shows and was the winner of Dancing with the stars Season 9 and finalist of The Masked Singer Season 1. He was also the host of the game show Pyramid from 2002 to 2004.

Financial issues and return

After making his professional debut on The Andy Williams Showhe was approached to record solo albums in the 1970s. He delivered two hits, go away little girl and The Twelfth of Never.

Donny Osmond poses at '  Dancing with the Stars'  Season 27 (Image via Getty Images/David Livingston)
Donny Osmond poses on Season 27 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (Image via Getty Images/David Livingston)

the fear factor the contestant was the co-star of the TV show Donny and Mary from 1976 to 1979. However, his career and finances then began to crumble.

Donny Osmond’s family went bankrupt after some bad investments. He claimed an advertising agency suggested he try to shake off his good-boy image and get himself arrested for drug dealing.

The Ogden, Utah native made a comeback with his hit soldier of love in 1989.

He then turned to acting along with singing. Osmond’s career hit some turmoil when George M. Cohan’s musical Little Johnny Jones opened and closed on the same night in 1982.

Donny Osmond was then cast in the title role of Joseph and the Incredible Technicolor Dream Coat in 1992. He struggled with anxiety during this time and his need to nail his performances contributed to his mental health issues.

He played successfully for 11 years with his sister Marie and was the host of the game show Pyramid from 2002 to 2004. He learned to ice skate on his variety show days and used those skills as a contestant on Dancing with the starsultimately winning the ninth season.

the University road trip The actor then began a solo show in Las Vegas in August 2021 and recently released his 65th album, Restartwhere he sang and co-wrote the songs.

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