How Ovaioza went from an Islamic singer, a nurse, a gospel singer to fraudulent investors of billions

  • Ovaioza was a parent to an unknown undergraduate student with deep religious beliefs while on campus
  • Those who know her say she would be the one to wake people up in the morning for prayers and keep leading the songs
  • At level 2oo, according to the sources, she changed and became a big spender who gave many gifts to school before dropping out of school.

Just two years ago, Ovaioza was a struggling undergraduate student at an undisclosed university in Nigeria who still held the Bible and led prayers in her hostel every morning, people close to her have said.

A tweet from Twitter handle @the_lawrenz said that in 2019 Ovaioza was a hairdresser in the hostel and would wake up the Christians in the hostel for morning prayers. She always led the vocals because she had a good voice and survived thanks to the hairstyle.

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Ovaioza, crook, college, school dropout, hairdresser, nurse
The transformation of Ovaioza Credit: Ovaioza
Source: Facebook

When the transformation started

At 200 levels, Ovaioza had become a leading lady in school, using big and latest phones. @the_lawrenz said she resumed the semester with expensive gadgets and gave “many freebies for two weeks in a row”.

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Ovaioza reportedly left the hostel and moved into a hotel where she stayed for the rest of the semester, paying 200,000 naira per night for two months.

She never returned to school to complete her degree program.

Ovaioza’s sudden wealth and transformation shocked most who know her, said a source who claimed to know her very well.

In one of her Facebook posts, Ovaioza explained how she became famous on social media.

According to her, she prowled Facebook looking for people with huge followers and learning what made them stand out.

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How she sought and gained influence on social networks

She said she discovered that making some kind of sensual and sexual content was what would endear her to potential investors and increase her net worth.

She says:

I started posting my stories and my sex’al posts. I blocked quite a few people who would come to my wall saying otherwise because I had a reason for doing what I was doing: getting an audience before pitching my business. When I had 10,000 subscribers in October, my content changed.

The self-proclaimed CEO of Ovaioza Farm Produce Storage Business is said to have gone on to woo investors and amassed over N3 billion with what has become one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in Nigeria, where investors say they entrusted him with millions for doing business on their behalf and never got their money back

Ovaioza reportedly bought a $400,000 house in the US, bought a N600 million place, processed a $1 million investment visa

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Meanwhile, reported that the arrested CEO of Ovaioza Farm Produce Storage Business (OFSB), Ovaioza allegedly defrauded investors out of N3 billion, according to victim reports.

According to some of the investors, she bought a house in the United States worth around $400,000 and also bought her place for 600 million Naira.

It emerged that the CEO of the OFSB was also processing investment citizenship in an undisclosed country for the sum of $1 million, all of which came from investors’ money.


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