Huge, risky music investment — afro-pop singer

a bud Afro-pop singer, Oluwaseyifunmi Michael, aka Sey Byth, has described investing in the music business as both huge and risky.

He said, “Funds spent on music projects cost millions of naira with no guarantee that there would be a return on investment. Only someone who has a lot of money to spare will invest in such a business, as the funds can easily flow. So any young person who struggles to produce good music without any support should be encouraged,”

The singer also launched a swipe at the federal government for pointing the finger at Nigerian youth for the ongoing killings and kidnappings in the country. He said, “Is the government clean? Now that the elections are approaching, politicians are ready to do anything to gain power. However, I congratulate all the musicians. It takes a lot of stress to create a song from scratch.

“The government should not frustrate the energy and talents of young people because we add great value to the country. They should create good platforms and opportunities for young people to thrive.

The singer also said he was happy that his new song, Oluwais well received by fans.

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