Husband of Osinachi Nwachukwu: Update on the trial of late gospel singer’s husband

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The death of Osinachi Nwachukwu in April sparked outrage after her family claims they suffered domestic abuse for the hand of her husband.

The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja adjourned the trial of Osinachi’s late husband.

Trial Judge Judge NK Nwosu-Iheme bin sets June 16-17, 2022 for an expedited hearing on the main charges of domestic violence and culpable homicide against Peter Nwachukwu, Osinachi’s husband.

But I judge that there is no face for the tribunal, so they adjourn di mata to June 20 and 21, 2022.

Although Nwachukwu bin arrives at the court for the trial, the judge is not around and therefore the court does not sit.

The Nigerian government has indicted Nwachukwu on the 23 counts that border on domestic violence and homicide.

The late gospel singer Osinachi’s husband has pleaded not guilty to culpable homicide over his wife’s death. But the judge asks that they lock me up for Kuje jail until they go to hear the homicide case against me.

The death of Osinachi Nwachukwu in April sparked outrage after her family claims they suffered domestic abuse for the hand of her husband.

I asked the police to detain my husband for questioning before he took me to court.

Meanwhile, her family of the Nigerian singer are planning to bury her this month, according to reports.

How about charges against Osinachi’s husband?

Where is this photo from? Peter Nwachukwu/Facebook

  • The Federation Attorney General’s Office and Minister of Justice are filing a claim that Peter forcibly removed Osinachi from his marital home and this act is contrary to the Violence Against Persons Act 2015, VAP (prohibition) .
  • And he forcefully pushed the gospel singer out of a moving vehicle. Judge Nwosu arraigned Nwachukwu before the morning of June 16 from 12 p.m. and June 17 at 9 a.m. for an expedited hearing.
  • According to the charges against Nwachukwu, I committed culpable homicide under sections 104 and 379 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015. The offense is contrary to article 221 of the Penal Code and punishable by death.
  • FG alleges that the defendant deprived Osinachi of his personal freedom while restricting his movements and locking him up for the house. Law, 2015.
  • Di the accused denies Osinachi access to her moni to go to the hospital and use it for household necessities and forces her to beg and borrow. Osinachi’s husband forcibly isolates her and separates her from her family by preventing her mother and siblings from visiting her marital home. Nwachukwu would beat her beat pikin dem and record dia cry and play am for im phone.
  • Date to prevent im pikin dem not report to them domestic violence against dia mama. “Di business for today na impeachment, I hereby order an expedited hearing” Justice Nwosu-Iheme tokNwachukwu deceased wife for April 8, 2022 and several of her colleagues bin accuses her husband of saying he treats her anyway (domestic violence) which led to his death.

Wetin to sabi about Osinachi Nwachukwu

Where is this photo from? Peter Nwachukwu/Facebook

Dilate The Nigerian singer in her 40s died on Friday, April 10, 2022 for Abuja.

Before her death, Osinachi was a singer, songwriter who became very popular for her song “Ekwueme” in collaboration with singer Prospa Ochimana.

The hit gospel song Di gets 71 million views for Youtube.

Osinachi does not appear on songs like Pastor Paul Enenche’s Nara Ekele and Ema You no dey use me play and also releases a new song with the title God of all power.

She usually sings in the Igbo language spoken by the people of southeastern Nigeria.

Osinachi leaves behind her husband and four children.

Husband of Osinachi, profile of Peter Nwachukwu

Peter na pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Church with his late wife was also one of the lead singers before his death.

Dem was born Peter for Omaboma, for Nnewi South, Anambra State, South East Nigeria.

Pesin wey dey near me Doctor Felix Onyimadu told BBC his name is Okekenwa dem Peter Nwachukwu wen dem born am.

Dr Onyimadu adds that I say I don’t know too many boxes on Peter because I don’t name for the dia register.

But report that Peter is over 50 years old.

Na for a choir ministry, I meet Osinachi before the two get married.

Nigerian police arrest Peter Nwachukwu, following the death of the popular gospel artist.

Na di FCT Police tok tok pesin DSP Josephine Adeh confides her arrest to BBC Pidgin.

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