Janet Jackson’s documentary will be All For You

Janet Jackson’s documentary will be All For You

Janet is still in control.

On Saturday, the first trailer for Janet Jackson’s upcoming two-part documentary Janet Jackson was dropped. © IMAGO / Gonzales Photo

The iconic pop star finally shares his story in his own words.

Just in time for the New Years, Janet has possibly given fans the greatest gift – a preview of her two-part documentary series, Janet Jackson, which premieres later this month.

Fans will have to wait a few weeks for Ms. Jackson to become more honest than she has likely ever been in her career.

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But the official trailer because the lifetime special has given viewers something to salivate about.

The nearly four-minute teaser that released on Saturday gave viewers a preview of the biographical documentary that has been in the works for five years.

Starring famous faces like Samuel L. Jackson, Missy Elliot, Whoopi Goldberg and Mariah Carey, the documentary will follow the Rhythm Nation artist’s rise to fame and some unexpected obstacles she had to overcome in the process. road.

Some takeaways from the trailer include her experience growing up in a large family that became famous thanks to her brothers, her independence from her father Joe Jackson, who died in 2018, those still unclear pregnancy rumors from the ’80s. and the tragic death of her brother Michael Jackson, which she reveals in the trailer to which she was also closest.

Another major scandal that will be discussed is the fallout from the 2016 Nipplegate scandal, which severely set the 55-year-old’s career backwards.

Mark your calendars. Janet Jackson. will be presented exclusively on January 28 for life.

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