JLS singer-turned-farmer JB Gill becomes career coach

JB Gill, a member of boy band JLS, who made a dramatic career change from popstar to farmer, is launching a new career coaching service, following research finding that more than half of Britons (53%) plan to leave their jobs in 2022.

Despite having 10 number ones in the UK and selling over 10 million records worldwide, JB chose to step away from the spotlight and set up a farm in the Kent countryside.

Now the singer is helping Brits change careers in a new campaign with chewing gum brand Airwaves. Those looking to change jobs can book a virtual career advice session with JB Gill in January.

The move follows new research from Airwaves which finds January 21 is the day Britons are most likely to take their jobs.

Wanting a better work-life balance was the most common reason given by Britons for quitting (33%) and more than four in 10 respondents (43%) admitted they did not like their boss.

Two-thirds of Britons (67%) said they had reassessed their work situation following the pandemic.

New research of 2,000 UK workers, specially commissioned by chewing gum brand AIRWAVES, finds a quarter of the nation (26%) dream of quitting by simply not showing up for work, while 21% dream to stop dramatically in spectacular style like Bridget Jones. do. In 2001, in the hit film The Diary of Bridget Jones, Renée Zellweger’s Bridget delivered a murderous rebuke to her boss, Hugh Grant’s Daniel Cleaver, in front of the entire office.

Among other humorous resignation fantasies, 13% of respondents would dream of writing a sarcastic “sorry for your loss” card announcing their resignation.

The study found that January is the most popular month for Britons to land their jobs (40%), with almost half of respondents (45%) saying they would choose a Friday to hand in their notice – and more of a third (37%) spotted on Friday 21 st January as the ideal date to do so.

The brand has teamed up with JLS boy band star JB Gill to launch a new career coaching service. The popstar is no stranger to massive career changes after trading his fame for a farm in the Kent countryside, where he raises pigs, turkeys and chickens.

JB kicked off the service by starring in a witty video encouraging those who need help to sign up. In the video, JB can be seen changing from his popstar outfit to his farming outfits, using JLS’s famous lyrics from their hit songs as a way to motivate those who want to make a change to make the change.

When it comes to work-life balance, more than a third (35%) of Britons say they would rather continue working from home than return to full-time work. The data reveals that 45% of those surveyed – rising to 60% of Gen Z for those under 25 – would look for a new job if their employer forced them to come back.

JLS favorite, said JB Gill; “I know what it’s like to go from one extreme to another after going back to farming after being in the music industry. It’s good to make a change when it’s needed, sometimes you just need a little push or some guidance and that’s why I’ve partnered with AIRWAVES to help guide those people who might be lost with what they want to do.

Agriculture has since become a great passion for me; I’ve become more knowledgeable about food education and now it’s something I want to pass on to others. You never know what a career change might do for you!”

The survey found that 75% consider January the perfect time to make major life changes, and 40% consider January the ideal month to start a new career. And 60% are making New Year’s resolutions to try to improve their lives in 2022.

Ulrike Stath, Head of Freshness at AIRWAVES, said: “It’s no surprise that people want a fresh start for 2022, but it seems like this year in particular, people are focused on kick-starting their careers. At AIRWAVES we want to empower people to have a fresh perspective as well as a fresh mouth, so we are delighted to have partnered with JV Career Coaching and JB Gill to be able to offer great help.The sessions are perfect for those who want to get rid of any career or job search worries that may have stood in their way”.

Compared by generation, Gen-Zs are the most likely to consider quitting their jobs in January, with around 60% considering quitting. People aged 45 and over are the least likely to consider quitting, at 43%.

Men lead when it comes to considering quitting, with 56% of men considering quitting their job, compared to 50% of women

Londoners are the most dissatisfied with work, with 63% of respondents in the capital looking to quit. Scottish residents were the least likely to consider quitting, at just 46%.

However, when it comes to job hunting, eight in 10 (80%) Britons admit they find the prospect of looking for a new job daunting, while 78% say they dread being interviewed for a new job. job.

Of those surveyed, 69% admit they are willing to lie in an interview to land their dream job and more than half (52%) would not hesitate to lie on their CV, while that 32% admit to having lied on their CV in the past.

The interview question most likely to confuse job applicants – cited by 49% – is “What is your biggest weakness?”.

The 10 most difficult interview questions, according to the British, are revealed as follows:

  1. ‘What is your greatest weakness?’ (49%)
  2. ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ (46%)
  3. ‘Why should we hire you?’ (37%)
  4. ‘Tell me about a time you overcame an obstacle’ (33%)
  5. ‘Tell me about yourself’ (33%)
  6. ‘How do you handle a difficult colleague’ (28%)
  7. ‘How do you respond to criticism?’ (27%)
  8. ‘Why do you want this job?’ (24%)
  9. ‘What critical feedback do you receive most often?’ (22%)
  10. “Why do you want to quit your current job? (22%)

Those who need a little help are encouraged to sign up by telling Airwaves what they need in an email to [email protected] A number of 30-minute sessions with JV Career Coach are available at 28 and January.

JV Coaching will be on hand to facilitate individual career coaching sessions on the 28 and January, JB Gill will also join Joanne for a handful of lucky contestants. Among other areas, they will provide support on how best to answer those tough questions, resume review, and general advice on career decisions.

Joanna Vinacour, from JV Career Coaching, said: “The New Year or January is finally a time of change, we reflect on the previous 12 months and put plans in place to improve our lives, sometimes that means making a career change.

“Realizing you need to make a change, look for a new job and the pressure to make the right decision can make the whole job search process incredibly daunting. That’s why I’ve partnered with AIRWAVES to offer advice career opportunities to those thinking of making a change.

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