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At just 22 years old, Janel Rae, originally from Kelowna, releases her second studio album on February 11.

Born and raised in Kelowna, Rae always knew from a young age that singing was in her future.

“I think whether I wanted it or not, it was going to happen,” Rae said. “When I was five years old, my mother finally decided to enroll me in singing lessons and since then I haven’t stopped. This is how I live my life through song.

Janel’s mother, Janice Filipiak, acted as a manager growing up and tried to find every opportunity she could. One of them was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sing with country star Kenny Rogers at Prospera Place when she was 11.

“I auditioned, walked in, I remember shaking his hand and being so excited and standing on stage. At the time, I didn’t know who Kenny Rogers was, what he was doing, so I think that not only getting to know him through this, but also being able to perform in front of such a large audience was quite exciting.

After graduating from KSS in 2017, she went to Randolph College in 2017 for a program focusing on acting, singing and dancing. She cut the program down to just two years and graduated in 2019.

“It was very intense and high demand,” Rae said. “It was fast but it was packed.”

While at Randolph College, she won a Governor General’s Award for outstanding grades. Every two years, the prize is awarded to a Canadian student who excels in the arts, journalism or sciences.

Shortly after graduating from Randolph in 2019, Rae landed a three-month contract for a role in a Toronto play called Broken Branches.

Through this experience, she made many friends, including musicians, directors and filmmakers, and became enthusiastic about making music videos.

Rae had written songs before and had set a goal to write a song and produce a music video for the song every month for the next year. She quickly created a team and made it a reality. She would write a song and create an idea for the music video and discuss it with her cinematographer.

All of these songs and music videos came together to make her debut album, Bath Talk, which was released on December 28, 2020.

“I’m a very visual person and a lot of my process is soundscape-based,” Rae said. “I could see the music video in my head as I was doing the song.”

She added that she loves movies and enjoys using them as an influence for her work.

Rae made a few music videos over the winter in late 2019 and early 2020, but it became more difficult when the pandemic hit.

“Once you don’t see the people you work with every day and you don’t know how to make that work, you have to rely on yourself,” Rae said. “One of my music videos that I just shot with my iPhone.”

A few weeks before the release of her debut album, Rae embarked on a songwriting frenzy where she would compose a new song almost every day.

“I was going for long walks listening to these amazing songwriters, mostly in the 70s. I focused on that era.

During the week between Christmas and New Years in 2020, Rae was doing demos for all those new songs she had written. Meanwhile, his debut album had just been released.

“It was an interesting feeling being in a new chapter and then hearing your old stuff and trying not to wonder if your new stuff is too different.”

Joni Mitchell is the artist she looks up to the most, but she’s also listed Fiona Apple, Bjork, Supertramp, Kate Blush, Crosby, Stills and Nash and Billy Holiday are just a few of the artists she really admires for. his writing.

Along with writing songs, Rae used to work at a restaurant in Toronto but was laid off when the pandemic started. She had the idea to use her talents to her advantage in a different way by becoming a music teacher.

She mainly teaches singing and voice to all ages but also teaches piano. His youngest pupil is five years old and his eldest is 61 years old. Every lesson has been virtual so far, but she hopes one day she can teach in person.

The majority of his students also come from Kelowna.

“It’s really cool. I grew up and learned in Kelowna and had amazing teachers, so it’s nice to feel that I can try to carry on that legacy. Janel Rae teaches.

On top of that, she also teaches music remotely for a school in Hartley Bay, BC. From Monday to Wednesday, she hosts her music lessons while the rest of the week she focuses on her own music.

Her second album, Dinner With Stranger, is due out February 11. In addition to the excitement, she thought of a tour.

“I thought about what it would mean to shoot this new album and of course if I had to do it in the summer Kelowna would be a destination,” Rae said.

On the night of the album’s release, Janel will host a virtual listening party at 5 p.m. PT on Zoom. During the event, fans are encouraged to enjoy their dinners while listening to the new album, Dinner With Stranger.

“Obviously the pandemic there is a huge struggle, but there are also ways like being able to connect with people around the world, so the virtual listening party is a great way to involve everyone. world.”

In keeping with the release of her latest album, Read has already started her third album.

“When you hold on to something for so long, it starts eating away at you and you grow and change. I’m ready to write something new.

Dinner With Stranger will be available on all platforms on February 11. Clove, the first single and music video is available now.

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