Kenny Loggins’ net worth has rebounded after the ‘Danger Zone’ and the ‘Footloose’ singer’s financial troubles

Kenny Loggins was one of the biggest hitmakers of the 80s, releasing huge songs like “Footloose”, “I’m Alright” and the Superior gun “Danger Zone” theme song. With hits like these, many are wondering what the singer’s net worth is, especially since he’s had his fair share of investment troubles, alimony payments and financial crises.

This summer, Top Gun: Maverick hit theaters and kicked off a huge resurgence of the ’80s franchise. Loggins was part of the original film, writing and recording “Danger Zone” and “Playing with the Boys,” which starred in the beach volleyball scene from the 1986 film.

This isn’t the only blockbuster movie Loggins has been involved in. The singer also wrote and sang the titular theme song for the 1984 blockbuster Free from all tiesas well as “I’m Alright” for the hit comedy Caddyshack.

He was also part of Loggins & Messina, a band he founded with Jim Messina. The group was how Loggins got his start in the music industry, and they found success with singles like “Vahevala”, “Danny’s Song”, and “Your Mama Don’t Dance”.

What is Kenny Loggins net worth?

Musician Kenny Loggins in 2022 | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

With a huge music career, it’s no surprise that Loggins has a high net worth. According Celebrity Net Worth, the singer is worth 16 million dollars. If that number seems a bit low, it makes sense. Loggins has had its fair share of investment troubles, alimony payments and financial crises.

Financial difficulties hit Loggins with a single blow. The first hit came from a commercial investment Loggins. He invested a large sum of money in Equinox, a company that later turned out to be a multi-level marketing scheme. The singer was also a spokesperson for the company. Loggins likely lost a significant portion of the change he funded with Equinox.

Then his second wife, Julia Cooper, left him unexpectedly. The couple’s divorce was finalized in 2004. In a 2009 interview, Loggins said: ‘I was quite blindsided by Julia’s decision to leave. She’s a very impulsive woman, and she found herself going through a midlife crisis, and she didn’t know what to think about it and it changed her life.

Loggins’ bad luck ended with the financial crisis of 2008/2009, which did not help his declining bank account. Fortunately, the singer was able to turn things around, continuing to play and release music.

Fans love Loggins for his “yacht rock” and “easy listening” music, but it would be hard to work with him in the studio. According to his friend Stevie Nicks, Loggins was a “slave driver” as the pair worked on a duet together.

Stevie Nicks calls Kenny Loggins a ‘slave driver’

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Loggins invited Nicks to sing with him on the 1978 track “Every time I call you friend.” The Fleetwood Mac star quickly agreed, not knowing what to expect.

“It was about discipline,” the singer said of her time working with Loggins. “I call it Slave-Driver Loggins. He cracked the whip on me for two days to get this particular performance. And I was downright angry at the points where I was going, ‘I’m not going to do this.’ He said, ‘Yes, you are’.

“He’s a really good producer, Kenny, he got exactly what he wanted,” Nicks continued. “When it was done and I left, I was knocked out. I really had to shut up and do what I was told. And it worked. He wasn’t interested in a boring voice.

Through hard work in the studio and success in film and radio, Loggins managed to amass a significant net worth, even with some financial setbacks.

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