Mariah Carey launches NFT with the ability to meet and fly with the singer

Mariah Carey enters the crypto space with the launch of her first-ever NFT, and in true diva fashion, the NFT winner will get a full on live.

Designed as a boarding pass (on “Butterfly Airways,” of course), the NFT includes an opportunity to meet Carey and fly with her on a private jet to New York City later this month, when the legend of the music is inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The winning bidder (and one guest) will also be able to sit with Carey at their table during the actual induction ceremony.

The real highlight of NFT, meanwhile, is a spinning boarding pass in Carey’s “pink but lavender” colorway and accented with glitter. The artist will also create a custom audio recording to accompany NFT’s release.

Courtesy of Mariah Carey

Bidding for the Mariah Carey NFT will begin on June 3 via Geojam (a crypto-based business platform in which Carey is an investor). Bidding will be with Geojam’s $JAM crypto token, and minimum bids will start at $5,000. The auction ends June 9, with the Songwriters Hall of Fame Experience taking place June 15 and 16. A portion of the proceeds from the NFT sale will benefit the Fresh Air Fund, an organization that Carey has supported since the start of her career. .

Carey says the charitable component and connection to the Songwriters Hall of Fame made this NFT project something she was looking forward to getting started.

“During Covid, I became very interested in the world of digital art and quietly explored the community of artists in this space,” she says. rolling stone. “Of course, everyone was talking about NFTs and the new dynamic between art and commerce. This is something I’m still learning and don’t claim to be an expert on. Still, the singer adds, “This particular NFT experience is based on the unique moment of being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and sharing my joy with one of my amazing fans while raising money for two phenomenal charities. who are very close to my heart.

While Carey has long used the acronym “NTT” when messaging with fans (it stands for “Name That Tune”), this is his first NFT Release. The singer says she wanted to do something that was equally fun and accessible, while demonstrating the impact women can have in the NFT and crypto space. “Geojam, for which I am an executive advisor, is a tech company with an amazing young CEO and it’s great to see more women represented in this space,” she shares.

“NFTs have the power to go beyond exclusive art and store access, and this experience shows that,” adds Sarah Figueroa, co-founder and CEO of Geojam. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to amplify this monumental celebration with Mariah, as she is inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and gives the fan the opportunity of a lifetime for charity.”

mariah carey nft

Courtesy of Mariah Carey

Carey was officially inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2020, but the pandemic pushed the induction ceremony back to this month. Although she co-wrote 18 of her 19 number one hits (making Carey the most-charted solo artist of all time), the current industry icon says he doesn’t getting credit for his writing hasn’t always been easy. .

“As a young girl starting out in a male-dominated industry, I’ve found it extremely difficult to be recognized for the real work I do from start to finish on my songs behind the scenes,” says- she. “For some reason, it was easier for ‘the industry’ to simply accept me as a singer, as opposed to a singer who writes and produces her own material. To be recognized now by the Songwriters Hall of Fame is a huge honor and one of the greatest moments of my career,” she admits. “It’s hugely fulfilling.”

In his 2020 memoir, The significance of Mariah Carey, the Long Island native spoke at length about how writing was not only a form of escape for her as a child, but also a therapeutic release. The singer says she still has a poem she wrote in first grade framed on a wall in her apartment. Raised in a family of musicians, Carey ended up writing lyrics and melodies, telling rolling stone that “the first demo of a song I wrote was called ‘To Begin’, which I wrote around the age of 14. It was never released but I still remember it and I might see her again at some point.”

“If we’re super technical about it, the first song I wrote that came out was a song called ‘Alone In Love,’ which I wrote on my mom’s piano in high school,” Carey adds. . “It was track number one on my infamous debut demo, but it only made it to track number seven on my debut album!” she jokes.

It’s been a busy summer for Carey, who recently launched an online MasterClass series and continues to be involved with her Black Irish liquor brand (the singer also re-released her iconic Rainbow Merchandising for Pride, much to the delight of fans). And though she’s been a mum about new music, with the exception of a feature set to Latto’s “Big Energy” remix, Carey says she’s thrilled to be in the company of other artists. and songwriters at the Hall of Fame ceremony. “I’m truly honored to be in a room with so many legends and new talents, but according to my friend, ‘The Divine Miss M’ (aka Bette Midler), I’m not allowed to mingle and I have to put on my mask immediately after my speech!” she jokes.

There are a another artist from whom she draws inspiration. When asked how she feels about finally being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Carey quickly replies, “As a songwriter, it’s about time!” she says. “Thank you Lizzo! »

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