Naija Artists Are Not Better Than Us – Gospel Singer Joseph Mathew

Gospel artist Joseph Mathew is certain that comparing artists from Ghana and Nigeria is pointless as Ghana has proven itself worthy in the music business scheme in the sub-region.

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz on the above topic, Joseph Mathew explained that Nigerian artists seem to be doing better than their Ghanaian counterparts as they invest heavily in promotions to get their music everywhere.

“Ghana is like a state in Nigeria. We have less than 40 million people compared to Nigerians who probably have over 300 million people. By the numbers and our current influence and contribution to music, we’re even doing well.

“For many years, Ghana has been instrumental in the music space on the continent and globally as the country boasts of many great talents. The flip side of Ghana is that we lack numbers to support our works” , did he declare.

The gospel singer mentioned that the current narrative could change if industry players appreciate the value of investing heavily in artists and their works.

“Ghanaian artists always cry for money, but Nigerians would not hesitate to break the bank just to market their music. They really support each other too, but that’s lacking in our industry.

“The competition is there and until we learn to cheat what we have, we will continue to walk in the shadows of others when we shouldn’t,” he added.

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Joseph Mathew became a rising Ghanaian-British gospel artist, making steady progress at home.

With songs such as Halleluyah, Nyame Ye, My Story, Not Alone and The Name gaining popularity in Ghana, Joseph is emboldened to host his first concert at Perez Dome on Sunday May 8th.

The artist currently promoting his latest track, Blessed, identifies as an urban artist, but there’s more to him.

His style is the infusion of what he says is neotonic afrobeat, rap and contemporary highlife.

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