Oscar singer’s accent baffles Good Morning Britain viewers

Liam Payne’s accent has baffled those who watch Good Morning Britain / Photo credit: ITV

There were some standout moments at this year’s Oscars, but one of the most shocking – at least for those who wake up to the breakfast show Hello Brittany across the UK – came when Liam Payne was asked about his thoughts on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock live and on stage, in front of the world.

While we were all perched to hear what the former One Direction member had to say, it wasn’t his comments that took us by surprise, but the accent the 28-year-old seems to have adopted in the years since he shot in the spotlight.

You can watch the conversation with Payne below:

Born in Wolverhampton, Payne has lived in a multitude of different places since One Direction became hugely successful, following their stint on The X factor which propelled them into the world of stardom.

Yet it’s strange to hear now that his voice seems to come from a myriad of different regions, including the Welsh Highlands and Ireland’s capital, Dublin.

Those who saw the interview took to Twitter to share their reactions – some of them too crude to post here – but we’ve read through and picked out some of our favorites!

The past few years have seen a multitude of different interviews undertaken with Payne. In all of them, he spoke in his usual voice, so exactly what was going on here is anybody’s guess…

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