Over Twitter battle, lopsided Lenny Dykstra challenges pop singer Richard Marx to a fight

WARNING: This story contains graphic language that has been edited for publication.


Singer Richard Marx didn’t know what he was getting into on Thursday night when he tweeted about actor Ricky Schroeder backing American truckers backing their Canadian counterparts by using their vehicles as blockades in protest at trucking restrictions. COVID.

First, the original post from Thursday morning, with the video of Schroeder shared on Twitter by @patriottakes:

Former Silver Spoons child actor Ricky Schroder hopes “our truckers” will “shut down DC, shut down Sacramento, shut down Albany, shut down these states and this capital” to “eradicate this evil.”

Marx’s reaction: “Ricky Schroeder needs to keep his mouth shut.”

Among those who picked up the thread on Friday was the former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra: “MDR. #marxistD**k

And Dykstra was just beginning started:

Eh, shut the fuck up, Marxist D**k. At least he/she doesn’t have to worry about badass #TruckersForFreedom2022 get excited playing any of his horrible “music” calculated to be suitable for radio. Real men hate that bullshit, just like no one ever plays it at karaoke.

Although it would be fun to hear them play “Satisfied” (BADASS!!!!) or “Should’ve Known Better” (the ones where he/she “rocks”) as a tongue-in-cheek joke. Gotta love “Don’t Mean Nothing”, where he/she KEEPS IT TRUE about “the industry” when in real life Marx = the biggest asshole.

Then Dykstra stepped in to kill: “Richard Marx = the Ron Darling of pop music!!!!”

Mets fans no doubt remember the very public feud between Dykstra and Darling, who were teammates on the 1986 World Series-winning team. And Dykstra was not done:

Weak b**h who had an “in” in the music industry because of who his dad is, got the entrance because of it and had some pablum “hits” that appeal to the terrible Top 40 of the late 80s format and especially the Cat Ladies. Nobody ever sings theirs at karaoke because it sucks. Basically, he/she created stuff for Top 40 Radio that anyone else would be embarrassed about.

And that’s where things go wrong, because marx caught the bait:

Yeah, you love and admire traitorous female drummers. Aren’t you a badass?

So of course Dykstra had a rebuttal:

Bitch, I bet you won’t fucking say a word about Snoop Dogg, will you? Your music sucks. …

Oh, and re. “tough guy”, whenever you want, mano-a-mano, p***y.

Dykstra then tried to take him back to Marx’s music:

What is the most embarrassing lame #marxistD**k (@richardmarx) calculated-to-be-top-40-radio-friendly-enough song?

And of course, Marx couldn’t stand thistweeting to Dykstra:

Which of your arrests is the most embarrassing? Grand car theft, identity theft, filing false financial statements, possession of cocaine, fraudulent bankruptcy or INDECENT EXPOSURE?

That’s when Dykstra turned his volume up to 11 and came haywire with an epic tweet storm:

He “should have known better” then fuck patriot Rick Schroeder or Nails.

Anytime @richardmarx would like to discuss it in person. As bland and lame in real life as he/her “music”. Again, his fellow musicians even think he’s a creepy pathos. (At the time, in Top 40 format.) There’s a reason no one sings their “music” at karaoke.

Yes or no, @richardmarxwould you save your badass keyboard fight by handling this like men and fighting me in person?

Damn, do you wanna beat me or not?

Stop being an evasive little slut purveyor of pop music pablum calculated to be Top 40.

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