Reids in the valley: country singer spotted in Kelowna

Scottish-Canadian country star Johnny Reid and his wife were spotted in Kelowna on Wednesday July 27.

A woman working at a shop in Glenmore spotted the singer while out shopping.

Christina Amelio told Capital News that Reid asked her for help.

“I like it, I looked at him and I heard his accent and I was like, this guy looks really familiar. I helped him and he was talking more, and I was like, ‘c ‘is a singer, I know that’s him,” Amelio said. “I looked at him and I said, ‘you’re a singer, aren’t you?’ and he laughed.

Amelio then called his mother to ask her the name of his favorite country singer, who of course asked for photo proof.

Amelio politely asked Reid for a photo to share with his mother before saying Reid insisted on calling him.

“He spoke to her and they chatted a bit. He was super nice and super nice and super nice.

Amelio said she helped him navigate and was told Reid and his wife were visiting a local winery.

Capital News asked Amelio if she’s the most famous person she’s had a chance to chat with, but she said a previous job has seen her meet all kinds of celebrities.

“When I came back from London and started working here in Kelowna, the girl training me, she was like, ‘oh, this isn’t London…don’t expect to see celebrities.’ And then look what happened!

Reid has an upcoming show at the Kelowna Community Theater on September 7.

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