Relative of Bhojpuri singer fears foul play after body found in Patna apartment

The death of famous singer Bhojpuri Brajkishore Dubey, 68, winner of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, has left friends and family perplexed.

Police say the folk singer was found dead in mysterious conditions on Monday in an apartment in Ananta settlement in Patna, the capital of Bihar, believed to belong to one of his close friends. His body was recovered from the bathroom of this apartment and his feet were found bound with the legs of a chair while his head was submerged in the bottom of a bucket filled with water. A suicide note was also found at the scene.

Dubey’s family members, however, strongly rejected the suicide theory.

“Recently, he had traveled to Mumbai and started working on new projects. He was not in any kind of depression as many claim after his death,” Dubey’s son-in-law Manindra Mishra said.

“His feet were tied to the chair three times,” Mishra said, expressing fears of foul play.

Dubey’s daughter, Manisha Kumar, said she couldn’t think of a reason that could have driven him to suicide. “He could not have ended his life this way because he loved his family deeply. His death must be investigated,” she said.

Manisha said the family didn’t know much about Dubey’s friends and associates. “He used to drive us away from his work and his friends in Patna and Mumbai. Even on the day of Monday’s incident, my family was unaware of his location. That morning I tried to contact him, but he didn’t answer. A few hours later, his cell phone died. Alarmed by the situation, I contacted my mother and learned that he had been absent since Sunday,” she said.

“He had told my mum Ramkumari Devi not to wait for him that night as he would be away for work,” the girl said.

“As he used to miss work, my family didn’t worry when he didn’t come home on Sunday evening. But I was alarmed because he didn’t even notice my mobile messages. When I tried to locate him I had no idea who to contact as I hardly knew any of his friends. But there was one person in his contact that I knew. He confirmed that my father was in his flat while he was at the ongoing Sonepur fair,” she said.

“When our family arrived at the apartment, we found the main door open. Later we found his body in the bathroom,” Manisha said, adding that the autopsy and forensic reports were in order. always expected.

She said Dubey would be cremated in Varanasi.

Subdivisional Police Officer (SDPO) Sanjay Kumar said that while autopsy and forensic reports were still awaited, it was prima facie a case of suicide. “A suicide note was recovered from the site. We learn that the deceased was in depression, ”he said.

“If the family has any doubts, they must submit a written report, demanding an investigation from another angle as well,” the officer said.

Dubey, a folk singer and lyricist from Rohtas, had written lyrics for many Bhojpuri blockbusters, including Shatrughan Sinha’s star “Bihari Babu”. He had remained associated with the state government’s Bhojpuri Academy and won the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award recommended by the state government and also received the Bindhyavasini Devi Award from the Department of Arts, Culture and youth.


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