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ABU DHABI: The UAE has enacted a new federal law to strengthen national labor rights.

Federal Legislative Decree No. 9 for 2022 covers all aspects of national labor law and guarantees the rights of all parties in a relationship, whether they are workers, employers or recruitment agents, under clear standards and frameworks, the Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported. Wednesday.

The decree-law covers working hours, weekly breaks and holidays for domestic workers and affirms the right of domestic workers to one day of paid leave per week, in accordance with the regulations implementing the law.

Executive resolutions issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization are responsible for working hours and leave.

The decree-law stipulates the right of domestic workers to paid annual leave of at least 30 days, WAM said.

If the period of service is less than one year and more than six months, workers are entitled to two days off per month and the employer can specify the start date of the annual leave.

Additionally, the decree law states that if domestic workers wish to travel to their home country on annual leave, employers must cover the cost of their return tickets once every two years.

The decree-law affirms the right of domestic workers to sick leave for a period not exceeding 30 days during a contractual year, whether continuous or intermittent if the need for such leave can be proven by a medical report issued by an approved national health authority.

Furthermore, the decree-law affirms the right of domestic workers to change employers according to the requirements established in their contracts and if they have fulfilled their obligations towards the original employer, according to the conditions and procedures included in the ministry resolution.

The executive order states that the employer will notify the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization of any violation committed by a domestic worker against applicable laws.

Recruitment agents must administer necessary medical examinations to domestic workers no more than 30 days before they enter the country, the decree-law confirmed.

They must treat domestic workers humanely, not expose them to violence and sensitize them to the competent authorities whom they must contact if their rights are violated, the decree-law stressed.

The law also prohibits the recruitment or temporary hiring of domestic workers without obtaining a license from the ministry, in accordance with the executive regulations of the decree-law and the resolutions of the ministry.

If domestic workers are recruited or employed on a temporary basis, they cannot be discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, nationality, social class or disability. Sexual harassment, whether physical or verbal, is prohibited, as well as forcing people to work or do any action that falls within the category of human trafficking.

The law, which was published on September 9, will enter into force three months after the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

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