Ricky Martin’s nephew drops charges against singer

Ricky Martin – Photo: Steve Granitz, via Wikimedia.

The singer’s nephew Ricky Martin has dropped charges accusing the pop star of sexual abuse, harassment and harassment.

A Puerto Rican judge lifted a temporary restraining order against Martin after the alleged victim requested that the case be dropped.

The order was first issued on July 1, after the alleged victim claimed he had sex with Martin, whom he accused of harassing and harassing him after the case broke. degenerate.

The Spanish media Mark later published a quote from Martin’s brother, Eric, revealing that the accuser was Martin’s 21-year-old nephew. According MarkMartin could have faced up to 50 years in prison if convicted of the domestic abuse allegations against him.

A police spokesman, Axel Valencia, told CNN the order would be “archived” since Martin no longer faces any criminal charges.

Martin’s legal team celebrated the judge’s decision not to extend the restraining order.

“The accuser confirmed in court that his decision to dismiss the case was his own, without any outside influence or pressure, and the accuser confirmed that he was satisfied with his legal representation in the case,” said Martin’s legal team in a statement. People magazine.

“It was never anything more than a troubled individual making false allegations with absolutely nothing to back them up,” the statement continued. “We are happy that our client has seen justice and can now move forward with his life and career.”

Marty Singer, one of those lawyers, called the accusations made by the alleged victim “false” and “disgusting”.

“Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is struggling with serious mental health issues,” Singer said. “Ricky Martin has, of course, never been – and never would be – involved in any sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew.”

Singer also said he hopes the accuser is able to find the mental help he needs. He added that Martin looks forward to the case being dismissed “as soon as a judge can review the facts.”

Martin took to Twitter, posting his lawyers’ full statement and writing, “The truth prevails.”

The singer previously called the allegations ‘completely untrue’ in a Tweeter posted two days after the restraining order was issued.

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