Rustington singer drops new song with her own stop motion animation

Jules Winchester

“It’s one of my songs on my new self-produced album. I’ve been writing new material for it for about a year now. I’m currently in the process of writing and recording the album and hope to come out this year.

“I go for walks with my dog ​​George every day everywhere and I decided to write a song about spending quality time with someone and wanting to be with that person all the time also using a good imagination.

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“I’ve been learning stop motion animation myself for about six months now. I didn’t want to be in my music videos so I thought why not make an animation! Something different. You don’t often see animated music videos. For starters, they’re incredibly expensive to make, but I thought, well, I’ll give it a try.

“I created my first animation last year for my song called Tell Me Something Brave. It’s pretty basic but it was so fun that I created another one for Christmas. With this new animation I wanted to create a better one. I like to try to get better each time I do them. I used an original character that I created from my first animation and this time he has a love interest, Molly They’re on a first date and he’s trying to impress her as they walk around the place.This time because I wanted to improve, I bought some modeling clay that the animations Well known Aardman works on Wallace & Gromit.Worth the investment!

“I found it so much easier to work with. I used a cake box for some scenes and had kept a black basket box for others as well as the use of our kitchen worktop. Unfortunately, I don’t have a big studio to work in, so I make good use of everything I have at home. It’s a matter of imagination. I made the books and the drums from fondant because they didn’t need to move like the characters and I made lots of different heads.

“I drew a storyboard with ideas and scenes on paper, so I had a guide. Some scenes were added from the top of my head as I went. It took me about a week for everything prepare; then I filmed the scenes in another week.

“It’s hard and time-consuming work. But if you have the patience you see good results, I hope! I don’t think some people realize what goes into creating stop motion animation. For example, the picnic scene represents 20 seconds of finished film and consists of 241 photos. And then we have the drum scene with Bert and Molly which is 13 seconds long and consists of 209 photos. This involves moving the figures little by little, taking a shot each time you move the figure. Creating a video for just over three minutes takes a lot of effort. I then turned it into a cartoon style for a different effect. There was a lot of growling from me when things didn’t go to plan and my poor dog hid several times!

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