Rwanda: singer “Sergent Robert” arrested in Kampala

Ugandan security authorities have the Rwandan singer, Sergeant Major Robert Kabera, commonly known as “Sergeant Robert”, in custody, the Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF) has confirmed.

Kabera’s arrest comes nearly two years after RDF’s Military Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPD) launched investigations against the singer for allegedly desecrating a ’15-year-old’ family member.

In Kampala, reports indicate that he was picked up from his home in a Kampala suburb of Masanafu, a suburb of the capital, in the early hours of Monday, May 16, by a joint police and intelligence force.

Local media revealed that Kabera was arrested on different charges of smuggling firearms into Uganda, which he committed while in Kampala after fleeing Rwanda.

Colonel Ronald Rwivanga, the RDF spokesman, told The New Times they were following his case “closely”. He did not say whether they had requested or would request his extradition to Kigali to stand trial for rape.

“It is true that they arrested him across (Uganda), we don’t have any more details on the case but we will update the public in due course,” he said during the interview. a telephone interview.

Although Rwivanga has not commented on his possible extradition, The New Times understands that the authorities concerned are working to expedite the request.

In November last year, the RDF said that the former member of the RDF army band allegedly committed the crime on November 21, 2020, in Ndera sector, Gasabo district.

If found guilty of defilement, a suspect could be imprisoned for not less than twenty years but not more than twenty-five years.

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