Serena Elis – Decentraland’s first passionate singer and artist is making waves in the metaverse space

Driving innovation in the Metaverse space, Serena Elis is the first singer, music producer, and creative artist to set the bar high and take the visual and audio experience to a new level.

As digital technology continues to change the way people perceive and interact with the world around them, the metaverse is poised to alter the existing art paradigm. To help accelerate innovation in the metaverse space and bring awareness to new dimensions in virtual reality environments. Serena Elis is a passionate, creative and “multi-versal” person Meta performerproducer and 3D digital art creator in metaversewhere she creates an immersive visual and audio experience for users through 3D virtual avatars.

Imagine a world where a virtual 3D singer performs in real time. Breaking down the barriers of the Metaverse, she is the first singer and digital artist to use the Metaverse as an instrument, taking the visual and audio experience to a new level. Additionally, she has done innovative projects with NFT brands and collections that have helped her explore her music, making it more interactive in the space-time metaverse.

Taking on a new frontier in the metaverse, her music, looks, and professionalism provide a unique stage presence and complete creative freedom to express herself and her music in any way she chooses. Its vision is to create a visual and audio experience for metaverse viewers and bring a new way to experience creative expressiveness in an ever-growing virtual market. Have a musical career in web 3, Sing in the Metaverseand The Space Between, Serena, the female metaverse artistseeks to support major projects that push the limits of creativity.

Asked about the future of artists in the digital realm, Miss Serena said: “I’m excited to see a new generation of artists emerging in a decentralized generation, where the power can go to the artist. It gives more independent creators and viewers control over their future, what they want to hear and what they want to see.

A blend of an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative personality, she is a savvy investor in the evolution of digital real estate, CEO of DXS, Daydream by SEA and a multidisciplinary 3D artist at heart. A keen eye for detail with a passion is to create eye-catching NFTs that bring substance to the worlds of virtual and augmented reality. Driven by creativity and innovative ways to showcase art, she helps businesses grow and evolve into engaging conversations in the digital landscape.

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