Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr regrets not investing in Greggs

Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr has revealed he deeply regrets not following his mother’s advice when she urged him to invest in Greggs decades ago.

Speaking on the Working Class to World Class podcast, the 63-year-old revealed his mother worked at a Glasgow Bakers branch in the 1980s and, spotting a tasty opportunity, offered her son some financial advice advised.

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Glasgow hours:

He explained: “My mother was the tallest.

“When we were young, she worked part-time.

“She was a stagehand and then she worked, no wonder my teeth fell out, she worked in one of the first Greggs to open in Glasgow.

“She said ‘you should buy some stock in this place’, I said, ‘are you kidding me?’

“God what a mistake that was.”

Glasgow hours:

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The sun reports that the initial price of Greggs shares in 1984 was just £1.35 but has now risen to £20.90 each, meaning even a small investment could have been a very lucrative move for the singer.

It’s safe to assume he won’t forget this trade mistake anytime soon.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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