Singer and entrepreneur Danny K takes over Sweets from Heaven

Bruce Whitfield talks to award-winning musician Danny K about his plans for the Sweets from Heaven brand.

At one time, Bonbons du Ciel was everywhere… but when was the last time you saw a shop?

Bruce Whitfield, host of The Money Show

Singer Danny K (Daniel Koppel) bought the famous South African brand Sweets from Heaven.

Image from Sweets from Heaven Facebook page @sweetsfromheavensa

The award-winning musician is the founder and CEO of KD Foods

It served him well during the Covid-19 pandemic, Danny K tells Bruce Whitfield.

The last couple of years have been very tough for the music industry so I’m lucky to have had this interest and this company…I’m in Dubai right now with Bell Foods…watching interesting things around food development…

Danny K, singer and CEO – KD Foods

He confirms that his KD Foods has had a relationship with Sweets from Heaven for four to five years, using some of its products.

I am proud to say that we are now the official owners of the brand and the company, all these years later.

Danny K, singer and CEO – KD Foods

It’s a fantastic brand that many South Africans grew up loving, myself included.

Danny K, singer and CEO – KD Foods

He acknowledges that Sweets from Heaven stores have been going through a tough time.

However, the intention was never to run retail stores, but to get the brand on prepackaged confectionery.

We may one day reopen stores, but for now the strategy is our pre-packaged confectionery and licensed brand app.

Danny K, singer and CEO – KD Foods

Even though the stores closed, I don’t think it tarnished the brand.

Danny K, singer and CEO – KD Foods

You’ll start to see the brand alongside all the “riders” like Maynards and Manhattan. We really think it has the legs and the legacy to be the next big candy brand in the country simply because it has been a part of our lives for so many years…

Danny K, singer and CEO – KD Foods

Listen to Danny K’s interview in the audio clip below:

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