Singer ends production of classic Porsche 911

In 2012, Singer Vehicle Design hit the automotive market with a stunning creation: a fully restored Porsche 911 964, but also modified to give it the appearance of a classic 911. Although very expensive, this model is quickly gaining the respect of collector vehicle enthusiasts thanks to its level of quality and attention to detail. Unfortunately, we are at the end of the road, because Singer has just announced that the production of the classic 911 will be stopped.

In an interview with British media Top of the line, Rob Dickinson, the founder of Singer Vehicle Design, confessed that he hadn’t originally planned to build so many classic 911s. What was initially just a simple personal project quickly turned into a real company recognized worldwide by classic car enthusiasts.

The perfect Porsche 911

One of the Singer’s particularities is that it combines the aesthetic elements of several generations of 911 to create the perfect Porsche, according to the manufacturer. Starting from a 964 model as a starting point, that is to say the Porsche 911 marketed between 1989 and 1993, Singer has reviewed everything, starting from the fenders, to the engine to finish with a unique and entirely personalized according to the requirements of its owner. Obviously, the invoice for this car – which is built by hand – is very expensive. For reference, in 2020 a Singer 911 sold in Montreal for a whopping $1.4 million.

During the interview, Mr. Dickinson explained that in his view, the production of 450 examples was sufficient, as it will allow this model to retain a good value in the market of old cars. He adds that his clients are of monumental importance to him and he needs to make sure their investment is well protected.

It’s time to move on to another call

However, at the time of this writing, it was impossible to order a classic Singer 911, as production has officially ended. The company now says it wants to focus on other projects, such as the Turbo Study which it unveiled in February 2022. It’s a model that pays homage to the very first 911 Turbo 930 introduced in the 1970s.

Singer 911

However, it is not yet known when Singer will begin construction of the first copy. One thing is for sure, there must already be well-heeled consumers out there eagerly awaiting their Singer Turbo.

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