Singer Harry Styles waves the Ukrainian flag at a concert in New York, fans are moved

English singer and songwriter Harry Styles showed his support for Ukraine by carrying the war-torn country’s flag during his concert on Friday, in a gesture that quickly went viral and touched thousands of fans.

The ‘One Night Only’ concert, in which Styles performed songs from his new album HArry’s housetook place at Madison Square Garden in New York on the night of May 20.

Towards the end of the concert, Styles played one of his old hits, ‘Sign of the times’. It was during this track that the 28-year-old singer grabbed a Ukrainian flag from one of the fans in the audience and carried it with him onto the stage to the cheers of the crowd.

Soon, the photos and videos of the moment went viral on social media.

Anton Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian diplomat and former member of parliament, shared a video of the concert on Twitter. Responding to Gerashchenko’s post, a Twitter user wrote: “Amazing, these young artists with human values, decency, empathy towards the horrors of Russian actions in Ukraine! Gives me confidence in our future! Thank you, such symbolic acts mean a lot, you influence the youth, thank you 🙏❤️”

Another Twitter user shared photos of Styles with the Ukrainian flag and tweeted, “Harry really went out of his way to wave the Ukrainian flag and during the sign of the times it was such a meaningful moment as it reflects what really happening in Ukraine right now. #HarrysHouse #HarryStyles”.

Earlier, heavy metal band Metallica and Irish rock band U2 expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian cause after Russian forces invaded on February 24 this year. As Metallica launched a t-shirt sale, with proceeds going to a charity that supported Ukrainians, U2 pperformed a free concert in the country’s capital, Kyiv, with the aim of extending the healing touch of music to struggling Ukrainians.

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