Singer Kanika Kapoor will marry an NRI on THIS date!

Kanika Kapoor of Baby Doll fame, who has performed a number of hit songs, is getting married. Kanika is set to marry an NRI businessman in May this year.

Gautam is Kanika’s future husband. Kanika is getting married for the second time. She was previously married to Raj Chandok, an NRI businessman. He too was stationed in London, which adds to the connection. In 2012, Kanika and Raj got divorced.

Nobody knew, but now ETimes says that Kanika Kapoor and Gautam have been dating for a year and the decision to marry Gautam has spread for at least the last six months. The wedding will take place in the capital of the United Kingdom, London.

The location of Kanika’s first encounter with Gautam is still unknown, but it won’t be long. If we had to guess, we’d say it was during one of his UK musical performance tours. Kanika did not dispute the news when approached. “Hands joined” and a “big happy smile” were among the emojis she sent us. When pressed further, she remained silent about her impending marriage and simply said, “Please check my updates on Instagram. I’ve completed 3 successful tours of the United States – Houston, Jersey and Washington,” and she excitedly added, “10 more to go. We asked for a quote on the wedding anyway, but to that, Kanika replied, “Really sorry, no comments.”

Its route for the next 10 cities will reach popular US cities like Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando and more.

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