Singer Shruti Pathak Releases First NFT Music Titled “Haaniya”

Playback singer Shruti Pathak launched her first Bollywood music NFT with FanTiger, India’s first music NFT marketplace.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets with verified ownership rights and the details are stored on a blockchain.

The single titled “Haaniya” is FanTiger’s sixth musical NFT and now fans can invest in the singer’s musical NFT based on dynamic pricing. According to a press release issued by FanTiger, the NFT music concept allows fans and investors to buy partial ownership of the song, share royalty revenue, access an exclusive community, signed merchandise in limited edition, as well as interact personally with the artist. and much more.

“The world of Web3.0 is fascinating and its global acceptability is very high. I’m excited to release my first NFT music and be part of this journey. My sincere gratitude to FanTiger for helping me slip into the world of the metaverse and achieve my dream. I am also seeking the support of my fans to make this NFT music a smash hit,’ Pathak said in a statement. The song “Haaniya” will also be streamed live on various social media platforms and music streaming apps.

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