Singer Sinead O’Connor hospitalized over suicidal tweets days after teenage son died

Irish musician Sinéad O’Connor has been taken to hospital after posting a suicidal post on Twitter just days after her 17-year-old son took his own life.

“I decided to follow my son. There’s no point living without him. Everything I touch I waste. I only stayed for him. And now he’s gone. I destroyed my family . My kids won’t. I’m a shitty person. And y’all think I’m nice because I can sing. I’m not,” the 55-year-old tweeted.

In another tweet, the singer apologized for making such a suicidal remarks and added that the police were taking him to hospital for help.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m with cops now on my way to the hospital.”

“I’m sorry to have upset everyone. I am lost without my child and I hate myself. The hospital will help for a while. But I’m going to find Shane. It’s just a delay”

Sinéad’s teenage son Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor was apparently on suicide watch in a hospital in the republic’s capital, Dublin, when he disappeared on January 6.

The Gardaí later confirmed that the search for Shane was complete. “Following the recovery of a body in the Bray area of ​​Wicklow on Friday January 7, 2022, a missing person’s call in respect of Shane O’Connor, 17, has been cancelled,” a spokesperson had told the Irish Mirror.

Sinéad had made statements accusing the hospital management of having left his son “out of their reach”.

She wrote: ‘How could a traumatized seventeen year old, who was on suicide watch, in the Lynn Ward of Tallaght Hospital go missing???’

She had also launched a tirade against the Child and Family Agency – Tulsa, Child and Young People’s Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and the Irish State for ‘failing’ her son.

“Please don’t imagine that I am less than aware that I have failed my child, alongside Tusla, the HSE and the Irish State. We have all failed him. Welcome to Ireland,” she wrote, before lashing out at those who said her son was now ‘at peace’.”

“Suicide won’t bring you peace. It’s a lie. Therefore, the next well-meaning jerk who tells me about my son ‘at least he’s at peace now’ is going to have his lights go out. How do we know he’s at peace?”

“I can tell you his face was as tormented as it has been for months. No difference.”

“Message to Tusla, a storm is coming that you haven’t rehearsed for. Children are dying every day in your care. Now my child is one of them. Big mistake.”

“My child has now died on Tusla’s watch for over 48 hours and the only contact I have had from anyone representing Tusla was yesterday from their press office concerned about the negative publicity.”

“A month ago Shane was brought to CAMHS after disappearing leaving suicide notes including detailed funeral plans. They turned him away. He said he had no plan. objections were raised by the adult with him, he was told ‘planning a funeral is no different than planning a wedding’.”

“It was the psychiatrist at CAMHS…I’m here to tell CAMHS that planning my child’s funeral is nothing like planning his wedding. Which will never happen again. Because you are not fit for use.”

“Guess where my son learned to tie the noose hanging him? He tried it a week ago and I asked him…he said he studied it on the computer in the hospital CHILDREN’S INSTITUTION at Linndara. While he was being treated there for psychoses.”

“I will now take some time in private to mourn my son. When I am ready I will say exactly how the Irish State in the ignorant, evil, selfish and mendacious forms of Tusla and the HSE enabled and facilitated his death. Magdalene Ireland never left. Ask the young people.”

“And any statement from Tusla suggesting that they a) did their best b) care or c) have the deepest sympathy for anyone here except their lawyers, is a bunch of crap trap that has killed too many children and it’s not going to wash away this time. Too many children are dying on Tusla’s watch.

On Saturday, January 15, Sinéad wore a bright pink tracksuit to the Hindu funeral service held for Shane. She said he would have “loved it”.

“We just said goodbye to our beautiful angel, Shaney. Beautiful Hindu ceremony. Shane will have loved it,” she shared.

“He was always chanting ‘Om. Shanti.’ I put a few packs of fags in the coffin for him in case there isn’t any in heaven. He will have loved that too. Om. Shanti.'” she said

“He started studying science at a college with adults in Dublin, but he didn’t like going there, so it didn’t last long.”

“Shane is an extremely special character, very, very psychic and very, very spiritualized. When he was three years old, he once asked me, ‘Have you been in an earthquake while I was in your womb? ?’ At first I said no because I forgot I had been.”

“When he had been in my womb for two weeks – I didn’t even know I was pregnant – I was on vacation in Malta, and there was an earthquake. I never thought about it again, I I never talked about it.”

“I never told the child; I don’t even think I told anyone else. Yet this three-year-old was able to tell me that I was actually in a tremor of land, and I don’t know how he knew that.”

The singer has three other children: son Jake, 34, with first husband John Reynolds, daughter Roisin, 25, with ex-boyfriend John Waters, and son Yeshua, 15, with Frank Bonadio.

Sinead paid tribute to her “beautiful” son Shane, who she described as “the light of her life”. Collect.

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