Singer-songwriter Mitch Bradford releases new Lovestruck single “Slow It Down”

Photo credit: Margaret Murphy

Recorded at the iconic “Fleetwood Mac” studio D at the villa

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rising California Country artist Mitch Bradford released his new single “Slow It Down” today, July 5th. The track is the second release from his forthcoming 4th studio album, Close, which is due out later this summer. Matching the energy of the first single, the song features a full-bodied Country/Americana sound bringing together all the best aspects of bluegrass, singer/songwriter, rock, folk and classic country. The infectious, catchy tune is paired with light, happy lyrics, creating an engaging and genuinely positive listening experience. Listen to the song here.

“The song is about how when you meet someone new, sometimes your heart can move faster than your head. You can meet someone and suddenly your brain explodes with all these stories – imagining you and that person getting married , moving in together, taking trips, all kinds of ideas and dreams even though you just met seconds ago. So sometimes you gotta “slow down,” Mitch shared in an exclusive interview with Focus on entertainment.

“Slow It Down”, along with the project’s first release, “More Than Life” and eight additional songs from its forthcoming album, was recorded at the historic Studio D in The Village where Fleetwood Mac recorded his music. Mitch made it a priority to stay true to capturing the heart of California in every song from the start of the recording process. Finding great integrity in creating music with lyrics and sound that exemplify only the most genuine messages of positivity and passion while showing an enduring respect for the past and all that surrounds it, Mitch created a timeless song with “Slow It Down”.

While his love for music began as a child in the small town of Brownsville, Texas, Mitch eventually headed west to make a name for himself in music. He’s racked up over a million streams on Spotify with fan-favorite tracks like “Love Is Kind” and “Sweet Defender.” Close’s upcoming release is particularly meaningful for Mitch as he fully funded the project himself, compiling all the money he made from the shows, and investing and selling cryptocurrency to bring the project to fruition. whole project. The release later this year will mark the first time a country record will be fully crypto-funded, with the most significant element being that it will mark an independent artist taking full control of their dreams and investing in the work they do. ‘he believes. passionately and wholeheartedly. With more new music on the way this year, Mitch is dedicated to taking listeners on an American country journey with a 70s radio rock twist.

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