Singer’s career TikTok video hasn’t been uploaded for days

Katie Gregson-MacLeod posted a 45-second clip of her song on TikTok in August

A singer says a video that went viral on TikTok and which landed her a record deal sat in her drafts for two days before she decided to post it.

Katie Gregson-Macleod, of Invernessuploaded a 45-second clip of the chorus to his song Complex in August.

It became an overnight sensation and the song has since been released as a single by a major record label.

Katie, 21, told BBC Radio Scotland the clip marked 10 years of progress in her music career.

The singer-songwriter told The afternoon show“It’s a weird thought that something so insignificant in the moment could change your life so much.

“This video was in my drafts. I’ll do it often with a song, I’ll pop it up a few days later because I feel like it. It didn’t get any deeper than that.”

Overnight, Complex’s chorus had 100,000 views and garnered feedback from musicians Gracie Abrams, Lennon Stella and Maisie Peters.

Soon after, representatives from three record companies were sitting in the Inverness cafe where Katie worked, all hoping to convince her to sign with them.

She chose to go with Columbia Records.

Katie Gregson MacLeod

Katie has been writing songs since she was 16

Katie told The Afternoon Show that she thought her music career was going well before that, but what had happened since August was more than she ever could have imagined.

Katie has been playing music since a young age and started writing songs around the age of 16.

She performed at the Belladrum Music Festival, near Beauly, in 2019 and released her debut single, Still a Sad Song, in July 2020. Less than a week after its release, it was chosen as Song of the Week by BBC Radio Nan Gàidheal’s Rapal program. .

Katie was also one of BBC Radio Scotland’s 25 artists to watch in 2022.

She performed on the Hot House stage at the Belladrum festival this summer.

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