Skillshare Announces Grammy Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter and Instrumentalist Jacob Collier to Teach New Class on Music Composition

Skillshare expands catalog of music lessons and learning paths with teachers like Valerie Morehouse, Elie Renard and Taylor Gamble

NEW YORK, September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Skills sharing™, the world’s largest online community for creatives, today announced that Jacob Necklacefive-time Grammy Award winner, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, will teach a new course on music composition. Fundamentals of Music: Explore and Create Your Own Sound will dive into the different components that make up sound. From melody to harmony, the course will teach members all the steps in creating unique music. Collier’s Class is now available exclusively on Skillshare with thousands of classes across a variety of creative disciplines.

From growing up with a classically trained violinist as a mother to producing award-winning albums, Jacob Necklace has always expressed itself through music. With over 2.5 million fans on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, Collier will give Skillshare members a behind-the-scenes look at his unique exploration of music composition with dynamic duets, covers and original works. Both inspirational and hands-on, Collier’s course will give students a deeper understanding of the music they make and the songs they love.

“It was such a cheeky and welcome challenge to work with the Skillshare team to distill my perspective on music as a language down to a quantifiable 9-step program,” Collier said. “I’m a huge supporter of the learning environment that Skillshare has cultivated and I’m so excited to share this course with the world!”

Jacob Collier’s depth of imagination and incredible musical talent changed the music industry and earned him a place among the most innovative musicians of all time,” said Alicia Hamilton Morales, Senior Vice President of Content, Community and Brand at Skillshare. “In his very first class for Skillshare, Jacob brings an accessibility lens to understanding the fundamentals of sound, and we’re excited to offer musicians of all levels a new class that will not only inspire them to advance their talents, but also come away with new skills to make their dreams a closer reality.”

In addition to Collier’s new class, Skillshare is also investing and growing in the musical content of its catalog of tens of thousands of classes. Today, Skillshare offers over 3,700 music lessons on a variety of topics ranging from the basics of popular instruments like guitar, piano, and vocals, to helping navigate the music industry and everything in between. . Skillshare’s vast catalog of music content also includes newly released courses from Valerie Morehouse, Elie Renard, Taylor Gamble and more.

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