Soul Singer, Omafumay Reveals The Spirit Behind The Song ‘Brand New’

Nigerian soul singer, Omafumay has revealed the inspiration behind her new song titled “Brand New”, saying the song was released to encourage people to stay confident to take big steps and never let anything cloud their light.

“I want to encourage people to live a life without regrets. This is why I present this project as an independent artist. it is very important for me. It’s about making bold moves and making things happen, no matter the circumstances. It’s about inspiring my fans, especially the younger generation fans, to pursue their goals fearlessly and effortlessly; ” she says.

Speaking about her career, the Delta State-born artist described herself as an artist who sings and performs Afrobeats songs, adding, “I’m also a philanthropist and I also have a passion for business. I like to play tennis and read inspirational books in my free time. My name ‘Omafumay’ pronounced Oma-fu-may is actually my full name which is from Delta state and it means God gave me peace.

Omafumay also hinted at her next move saying, “My surroundings are a major influence when composing songs. I write songs based on what’s going on around me and how I would like to present myself to the world. My songs subtly tell a story of my life.

I’m working on improving myself as an artist, creating new musical material and hopefully releasing my second single soon.

Omafumay’s passion for exceptional sound is intriguing, her talent, beauty, radiant spirit and boundless love for music has driven her to create her own trend and style in soul music. Her new song, “Brand New” left a number of people in awe and drew attention to her.


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